Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Who is Robert Herjavec and what is his net worth 2018? Robert Herjavec is a known face. You will get to see him in the famous series of Shark Tank. He is a businessman, author investor and also a television personality now. He is a native of Croatia and then he moved to Canada. He used to work in a farm with his warm and loving family in Croatia. He decided to get a degree from University of Toronto. He has a double degree in English as well as Political Science.

He started his career as a director and a film producer. He has written three influential books. He invests in start ups through the series Shark Tank. He is definitely doing very well in his field. He is one of the most famous venture capitalist in the world. He is certainly on the top right now! He was married to Diane Plese in the year 1990. They got divorced in the year 2016. They have two daughters. Herjavec has some impressive assets which he earned himself through his ventures, books and other gigs.

Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Robert Herjavec is the most famous venture capitalist and a successful one at that. He has assets worth millions and he surely earns a lot in a year. He is associated with the Shark Tank series and is known as the generous shark. He has invested in many ideas such as Happy Feet, Pup box and many more famous products.

He did lose a lot of money when he got divorced but that did not stop him from making more. His net worth is $230 million US dollars. He gets his earnings from investing in start ups and getting returns from there. He has three published books. He is certainly on a roll! He has several vacation homes. He sold his LA home for $4 million in the year 2016.

Robert Herjavec has earned his lifestyle. He was a homeless child whose family lived in a basement. Today he has the most expensive mansion in North York. It is definitely the most expensive in Canada. This property costs $ 7.5 million. He has some vacation homes as well.

Career: Robert Herjavec has been a known face because of the series Shark Tank. He has appeared in 8 seasons and he is known as the most generous shark. His investments have reaped endless benefits and lots of revenue. He has three books under his name and they are selling like hot cakes. Robert’s family was very poor and they used to live in a basement. To think Robert has reached the top and he has everything today! He is a very successful investor, businessman and author.

Robert Herjavec is a popular face. We see him on Shark Tank series as an investor. He recently got married to Kym Johnson. Love is in the air and the couple is very happy. Kym was partner with Robert in Dancing with the Stars. They got married and they are very happy. They have an age difference of 14 years but the love is blooming between them. He is excited about her starting her own business and completely loves her. She plans to open her own dance studio as she is a fantastic dancer.

Robert Herjavec has also written two famous books called The Will to Win in the year 2013 and Driven : How to Succeed in Business and Life in the year 2010. Both the books are very inspiring and it involves Herjavec’s principles of life and how to be successful and wealthy. In the Will to Win, he gives advice to the business people who want to make a successful career and earn lots of money.

He has written his life experiences in the books and it is very inspiring for sure. There is another book which got released in 2016. It is called You Don’t Have to be a Shark – Create Your Own Success. It seems he is making a dig on the series called Shark Tank. He is also a part of the show Shark Tank. His books have inspired a lot of people and it helps young people with tips that come from real life experience of Herjavek. You might want to take his advice from the books that he wrote because he is a very popular investor from Shark Tank.

Robert Herjavec did not have a house of his own. His family was very poor but then he decided to change his life. Little did he know that he would reach this stage of life where he can point out at something and buy it. He has also helped people to start businesses and they are very successful now. We sure know that he is a generous man.

He was in a television series called Dragon’s Den which was very famous and he won awards for it as well. He surely does not need our wishes because he is doing fairly well for himself. He is on the top and he is definitely a top shark. We hope he continues to help people with their start ups and may he earn more and more for years to come. He has totally earned this life!