Richard Branson Net Worth 2019

Who is Richard Branson and what is his net worth 2019? Very few entrepreneurs have succeeded in gaining the celebrity status. Very few have gained enough exposure that people know them by their faces. Richard Branson is one of the rare few entrepreneurs who have become the celebrity people know and look up to. Ever unsatisfied and forever seeking to improve, Sir Branson’s journey has been both fascinating and motivating.

The CEO of Virgin Group has done a lot of things which general public might brand as eccentric. However, his way of managing his business surpasses everything. To some his way of dealing with things and decisions that he makes seem insane. But, that’s the way he is – The adventure capitalist who does business not to earn money. He does it because he is dissatisfied with the way others are dealing with their businesses.

Richard Branson Net Worth

Early Life

Richard Branson’s full name is Richard Charles Nicholas Branson. He was born in London on 18th July 1950. Eldest of three children, Branson was born to a ballet dancer mother and a barrister father. School life of this celebrity entrepreneur had not been a fairy tale. He had struggled with his studies. Eventually this struggle led him to drop out and opt for something else in life. The decision though seemed to some as strange gradually shaped into the best thing in life for Branson. Without deciding to drop out he would not have been able to create Virgin.

After dropping out, he started his entrepreneur career with a magazine which he called Student. It was in the year 1966, he launched the magazine which dealt with the student life. This magazine succeeded in selling advertisement of $8,000 in the first month.

Net Worth of Richard Branson

It is normal for everyone to wonder how rich the founder of Virgin group is. The Virgin Group founder runs more than 400 organisations. Each one of them might not be as successful as Virgin. But, they have made Branson a rich man. His net worth is $5.3 billion.

In 1969, Branson brainstormed the idea of creating a record company which would be able to fund his magazine business. The mail-order company called Virgin made enough money that Branson thought of expanding this business. He set up a small record shop which was located in Oxford Street. The shop boomed and money started flowing. Branson eventually created a record studio with the money he earned from the record shop.

Tubular Bells which was released in the year 1973, was Virgin Record’s first smash hit. The song remained in UK charts for a long time. The singer Mike Oldfield became a star as well. Following the success of the song, Branson signed other aspiring singers as well. Culture Club, Genesis and Rolling Stone are the music groups that contributed to the rise of Virgin Record. With time the company became one of the largest record companies across the world.

Nothing in life remains the same. Branson’s success too hit the rock bottom in the year of 1992. All of a sudden, Virgin struggled with financial losses. Staying afloat became a problem for the company. Virgin Records was sold to Thorn EMI at the end of 1992.

It had been one of the toughest decisions for Branson. He cried while signing the contract. However, the loss could not break him down. He resolved to bounce back with another business. Later in the year 1993, he created Virgin Radio. Over the time he again created a record company called V2. The company now is associated with many artists including Tom jones.

The huge fame as a businessman contributed in Branson’s countless television appearance. He has played himself in many of the famous televisions shows. In these shows he played himself.

In the year 1993, Branson received a degree of Doctor of Technology. On March 2000, Branson was Knighted for his entrepreneur service. The Prince of Wales himself Knighted him. In the year 2009, Branson had been chosen as the Dream Boss. On Sept 2014, he has voted as the most admired entrepreneur by The Sunday Times.

He got married to Kristen Tomassi in the year 1972. The marriage lasted for seven years. The couple was divorced in the year 1979. He got married again in 1989 to Joan Templeman. He has a daughter and a son with his second wife.