Paul Allen Net Worth

Who is Paul Allen and what is his net worth 2018? Well-known as the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen is an innovative billionaire. Born on 21st January 1953 at Seattle, Washington, Paul Gardner Allen is not only an American business tycoon but a great investor and philanthropist. He is also the founder of Vulcan Inc, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Allen Institute for Cell Science. An avid thinker, who always questions the reason for existence and what would exist.

Kenneth Sam Allen and Edna Faye (née Gardner) Allen are the parents of Paul Allen. Paul was a student of Lakeside School, in Seattle. There he befriended a three year younger student named Bill Gates, now the richest man in the world. Both of them were fascinated by the world of computers. Their friendship was more about developing programming skills. They used time- sharing computers to do so, by using the Lakeside’s Teletype terminal. Allen had worked as the programmer for Honeywell in Boston. Paul had different plans and was successful in convincing Bill gates to leave Harvard and join him to create Microsoft.

Paul Allen Net Worth

He mostly enjoyed his solitude and remained unmarried. Jody Allen is the sister of Paul Allen and Jody had worked as the CEO of Vulcan Inc. This company looks after the different philanthropic activities and businesses of Allen family.

Paul Allen Net Worth

He has the current net worth of $21 billion. Apart from owning several businesses, he is also the owner of many sports franchises like Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Seahawks and others. Being a member of Giving Pledge, Paul has been an active philanthropist by donating for wildlife conservation, disease eradication and development of medical care.

The billionaire has a fascination for luxurious homes and owns them at best locations in the world. One of his best properties is on Mercer Island in Seattle. Spread across 10 acres and the mansion consists of 25 bathrooms and 28 bedrooms. It also consists of a floating helipad and waterfront concert hall.

Another luxurious mansion owned by Paul is located in Cote d’ Azur, France. Spread across 80,000 square foot it consists of 19 bedrooms, full-fledged kitchen, bowling arena and cinema hall. The mansion represents classical architecture and modern day luxury.

Apart from an interest in real estate, Paul is also interested in Yachts. Octopus Yacht is 416 m long and at present is 12th largest in the world. Paul likes to conduct parties for celebrities on this Yacht. It can hold 57 members without any discomfort and has 41 suites for the comfort of visitors.

Paul Allen As business model

Paul is the Chairman of Vulcan Inc. This company looks after the management of funds and businesses related to Allen group. The world knows him as the co-founder of world famous company Microsoft. He had also purchased different sports franchises. His investments are not only limited to computers rather real estate properties are also on the list. Research and development are a major concern for Paul and so he had established Allen Institute for Brain Cells, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Allen Institute for Cell Science.

He has small stakes in Seattle Sounders FC soccer team.

Due to his interest in aviation, he had funded SpaceShip-One. It is the first mission where a private aircraft was able to put a civilian in suborbital space successfully.

He has a good collection of World War II planes.

Paul is the member of a music band called Underthinkers. He used to play electric guitar in the band.

He had fought against Ebola by donating a hefty sum of $100 million for this cause.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington had honoured Paul by renaming the department as Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. His father was working in the University and Paul used to spend hours inside the library. In this University Paul Allen with the help of Bill Gates and Paul Gilbert constructed the first Traf- O-Data –Machine, which turned an 8-bit microprocessor into a real computer.

Not only computers but music also fascinates Paul Allen and he had announced the commencement of Upstream Music fest and Summit in Pioneer Square from May 11-13. It will hold not only musical events but also events related to film production, video games and technology.

A multi-talented business magnet who can play guitar, do programming and much more is still innovating for better future. How can he find time for so many things? Not only a billion dollar investor but also a known philanthropist, Paul owns many hats to his name. The list of achievements by this business Mogul is long and lasting. Entrepreneurs like him inspire us to turn every challenge into an opportunity and he leads by example.