John McAfee Net Worth 2019

Who is John McAfee and what is his net worth 2019? John McAfee is a businessperson and computer programmer. He is the founder of ‘McAfee Associates’ which is a software company. The company now specialises in antivirus software and has produced a range of security software. It was bought by Intel and was renamed as ‘Intel Security’. McAfee is also a political activist and is a Libertarian. He sought the nomination of the Libertarian party for the President of USA in the 2016 election. He has taught yoga and has also written several books on yoga. A documentary about him called ‘Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee’ has been airing on Showtime Networks since 2016.

Early Life

John David McAfee was born on September 18, 1945, in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. He was a father was in the US Army station in the United Kingdom and his mother is a British national. He grew up in Salem, Virginia. He attended the Roanoke College and completed his graduation in 1967 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. A year later, he was recruited in the Institute for Space Studies of NASA as a programmer.

John McAfee Net Worth

He held this post until 1970 until he joined Univac in the capacity of a software designer. It was then by a post of operating system architect in Xerox. In 1978, he became a software consultant in Computer Sciences Corporation. From 1980 – 1982, McAfee worked with the consulting firm called Booz Allen Hamilton. In the 1980s, he was recruited by ‘Lockheed’.

John McAfee was married to Judy McAfee. They divorced in 2002. He married Janice Dyson in 2013. He resided in Portland, Oregon till 2013, but has now moved to Lexington in Tennessee with his wife. John has been involved with many other women and also had a relationship with Amy Emshwiller who was a teen prostitute. His relationship with Emshwiller received considerable media attention. His biography ‘No Domain’ is being written by George Jung.

While in Lockheed, he received a copy of Brain computer virus and started to develop software to combat viruses. He founded ‘McAfee Associates’, an anti-virus company for computers in 1987. Two years later, he quit Lockheed and began to work full-time in McAfee. In 1992, it was incorporated as Delaware. He resigned from McAfee in 1994 and the company became public. In 1997, Network General and McAfee Associates merged and became Network Associates.

It was renamed to “McAfee” after seven years. In 2010, McAfee was bought by Intel. From 2014, Intel sold all the products of McAfee as Intel Security. John McAfee also is the founder of ‘Tribal Voice’ which developed the instant messaging program called ‘PowWow’. He invested in ‘Zone Labs’. Firewall software makers in 2000. He formed the company QuorumEx which is headquartered in Belize.

His company sells natural antibiotics. In 2013, he formed the company Future Tense Central which produces the secure network computer device D-Central. In 2014, he renamed Cognizant as DCentral 1 and also released its Android version. John is also the chief evangelist of ‘Everykey’. In 2015, he bid to be the Libertarian presidential nominee for the 2016 US Presidential elections, however, lost to Gary Johnson.

John McAfee was awarded the honorary Sc.D. degree by Roanoke College in 2008. He is best known as the founder of McAfee Associates.

Net Worth of John McAfee

John McAfee became a computer programmer immediately he left college and was employed at NASA’s. By forming and selling McAfee Associates, he went on to have a good wealth for himself. By selling his company to Intel, he amassed good wealth. John McAfee’s net worth is an estimated $4.5 million.

In 2007, his net worth was $100 million but it dropped in the global financial crisis of 2007. He has also written several books on yoga and also teaches yoga. He is also the owner of ‘QuoromEx’ and ‘Future Tense Central’. John is also the CEO and chief executive chairman of MGT Capital Investments.

John McAfee was arrested in August 2015 on charges of driving under influence. It has been announced that in the upcoming film ‘King of the Jungle’, the role of John McAfee will be portrayed by Johnny Depp.