Jacob Rothschild Net Worth

Who is Jacob Rothschild and what is his net worth 2018? Jacob Rothschild is an investment banker from Britain who is a member of the Rothschild banking family. He has received several honors from various countries in the World. He is the 4th Baron Rothschild and has received the Order of Merit (OM) and the Order of British Empire (OBE). He started his career by working in his family’s bank called ‘N M Rothschild & Sons’ located in London, United Kingdom. In 1980, Rothschild found the J. Rothschild Assurance Group. He serves as the Chairman of RIT Capital Partners plc. He was also the Director of RHJ International.

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild was born on April 29, 1936. He was born to parents Barbara Judith Rothschild and Victor Rothschild, who was the 3rd Baron Rothschild. His mother was his father’s first wife and he has got two siblings named Sarah Rothschild and Miranda Rothschild. He also has got four half-siblings with his father’s marriage to Teresa Georgina Mayor. He is the grandson of Charles Rothschild and Rozsika Rothschild. His father was a Jewish and his mother changed to Judaism after their marriage. Rothschild attended Eton College and later went to Christ Church in Oxford.

Jacob Rothschild Net Worth

Jacob Rothschild was married to Serena Mary Dunn in 1961. The couple has four children named Nathaniel Philip Victor James, Emily “Emmy” Magda Rothschild Freeman-Attwood, Beth Matilda Rothschild Tomassini, and Hannah Mary Rothschild Brookfield. He is the owner of Flint House located in Buckinghamshire.

Jacob Rothschild started his career in 1963 by working in his family bank in London. He resigned from the bank in 1980 and sold his stake in the bank. He then took free control of RIT Capital Partners plc, which is an investment trust. In 1980, he became the founder of J. Rothschild Assurance Group. He unsuccessfully bid ‘British American Tobacco’ in 1989 along with Kerry Packer and Sir James Goldsmith.

He then became the chairman of the investment trust called RIT Capital Partners plc. He is also the chairman of ‘J Rothschild Capital Management’. Rothschild served as the Deputy Chairman of BSkyB TV. He was the member of the Blackstone Group and was the Director of RHJ International. He has a number of clients and business associates from around the world. In 2002, Rothschild hosted the European Economic Round Table conference.

In 2002, Rothschild received the Order of Merit and in 2013 he was conferred with the Prince of Wales Medal for Arts Philanthropy. He was named as the “Apollo Personality of the Year” in 2002. In 1998, he won the Arthur Ross Award by the Classical America. In 1985, he received the Commander of the Order of Henry the Navigator from the government of Portugal. In 2014, he received the National Flag Order from Albania. He has also received the Weizmann Award from Israel and in 2004 he was bestowed with the Sir Winston Churchill Award.

Jacob Rothschild Net Worth

Jacob Rothschild is the 4th Baron Rothschild. He has held several important posts in various companies. Jacob Rothschild’s net worth is an estimated $5.5 billion. He maintains business and personal links with American diplomat Henry Kissinger. He resides in Ethyrope Pavilion and his country estate has been visited by many including François Mitterrand, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan.

In 1991, he changed the name of J. Rothschild Assurance Group to St. James’s Place plc along with Sir Mark Weinberg. He is the chairman of RIT Capital Partners plc which has a net asset of about UK £2 billion. He has many other property interests and venture capital. In 2003, he received the shares of Mikhail Khodorkovsky (Oil industrialist from Russia) in YUKOS. One of his entities also purchased equity worth $10 million in Genie Energy in 2010.

Jacob Rothschild is also a philanthropist and as the chairman of British National Heritage Lottery Fund, he distributed grants over £1.2 billion. He has also served as the trustee of various committees. In 1988, Rothschild inherited his aunt’s estate. He is also following his family’s charities in Israel. He has been addressed in various styles and was known as Mr. Jacob Rothschild in 1936.