Hugh Hefner Net Worth

Who is Hugh Hefner and what is his net worth 2018? Hugh Hefner is an American publisher and founder of Playboy magazine. He is a businessman with the acumen to explore a possibility that was not looked at by any other at that particular time. He is the founder and the Chief creative officer of the enterprise Playboy. He is also a part of the list of people who made it big on their own. He is a multi-millionaire and the credit for the same goes to the success of Playboy Magazine. He is also known for his philanthropic work and an activist for many public issues.

Hugh Hefner was born on 9th April in Chicago Illinois. He was born to Grace and Glenn who worked as teachers. They were from Nebraska and are described by Hugh Hefner as “conservative Methodist”. Hugh went to Sayre Elementary school and Steinmetz High School. He started working as a writer for the U.S Army’s newspaper during the World War II. He went on to study Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign after which he did two minor courses in creative writing creating a base for his career.

Hugh Hefner Net Worth

Hugh has been popular for his reputation as a playboy. He married Mildred Williams a university student. They had two kids, Christie and David. They got divorced in the year 1959. Hugh reinvented himself to promote the lifestyle that was portrayed in his shows. He hosted plays like Playboy’s Penthouse and Playboy after Dark. He accepted his involvement with many of the Playmates during this time. He took a second residence in Los Angeles and moved there permanently from Chicago in the year 1971. This new residence was called Playboy Mansion West.

He had a stroke in the year 1985 which made him make significant changed in his lifestyle. He toned down his drinking and partying. His daughter took over the playboy empire and Hugh remarried the Playmate of the year. Kimberley Conrad was thirty-six years younger to Hugh. The couple had two sons and the Playboy mansion was converted into a family home.

The couple separated in 1998 and in 2010 Hugh got engaged to Crystal Harris. Harris called off the wedding 5 days before the wedding, announcing the wedding the playboy of the month had her picture on the cover. Before the magazine could reach the shelves it was covered with a sticker which read “runaway bride”. Two years they reconciled and married in 2012 at a small ceremony in the Playboy mansion. They were sixty years apart.

Hugh Hefner Net Worth

This self-made businessman has changed the game and lived life on his own terms. Hugh’s net worth is estimated to be $53 million. During the divorce settlements, the estimate made by Hefner himself about his net worth was $43 million. This is, however, now when he is currently not working with playboy and the magazine itself is not performing well.

During his glorious times, Hefner’s net worth was estimated to be close to $200 million. He lives in a mansion that is worth $200 million just because there is only one playboy mansion in the word. The mansion, however, is not owned by him and is the property of the Playboy group.

He has been donating money to the Democratic Party. He helped the restoration of the Hollywood Sign by hoisting a Fund-raiser at his place and contributed $27,000 from his own pocket. He had donated $100,000 to the University of Southern Carolina of Cinematic Arts for starting a new course. He has charitable trusts that work for animal welfare and many other causes. He was also pro-gay marriages and said that it is a fight for all the rights and this should not be curbed.

Hugh’s first wife Mildred confessed before their wedding that she had an affair while Hugh was away. He accepts that this revelation was one of the most devastating things he had to face in his life. He also admitted that his wife would allow him to sleep with other women as she was guilty of her acts. His wife hoped that this would save their marriage.

He owns the letter ‘Y’ in the Sign ‘HOLLYWOOD’ which he purchased during a ceremony held at his place for saving the Hollywood sign.

Sylvilagus palustris hefneri is a subspecies of Rabbit which is named after Hefner to honor the contributions made by him.