Gabe Newell Net Worth

Who is Gabe Newell and what is his net worth 2018? The American programmer, Gabe Newell is best known as the co-founder of, Valve Corporation, which is a digital distribution and video game developing company. He founded the company with, Mike Harrington in 1996. He is also known for his decade long association with technology company Microsoft. In 2013, he was honored with BAFTA Fellowship for his world Video Game Industry, and also garnered himself AIAS Hall of Fame Award the same year. He founded his Valve L.L.C. in 1996, with a fellow worker at Microsoft, Mike Harrington. One of Their first projects included ‘Half-Life’ and GoldSRc, which were both game engines. In 2010, Forbes declared him as ‘A Name You Should Know’.

Gabe Logan Newell was born in 1962 on 3rd November in Seattle. He is a big fan of popular video games Super Mario 64, Doom and Star Trek’s, Burroughs mainframe version. These games inspired him to see the video game world in a new light, where Super Mario reflected a form of art. He saw Doom, as a future of entertainment. He also loves the animated American series ‘My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic’.

Gabe Newell Net Worth

Gabe is happily married to Lisa Mennet Newell since 1996. The couple has two kids together. In the gaming community he is famous by the name of “Gaben” which he has taken from his work email id. He has stated that he is willing to be accepted by the public as a ‘benevolent elder statesman’ in the arena of gaming.

Education: He completed his schooling from a local school in Seattle, Washington. Later, Gabe got enrolled in Harvard University, but chose to drop out of it, to pursue working for Microsoft, where he worked for over a decade as a Windows operating system producer. He later commented that he learned much at Microsoft than Harvard which was the reason he dropped out.

Career: He entered the world of programming joining Microsoft, soon after dropping out of Harvard University. He worked in the company, fulfilling the instrumental role of operating and producing Windows Systems. During this time he also met Mike Harrington, who is the co-founder, partner, with him at Valve Corporation. Together the duo took their fascination of video games to another level, and developed their own video game development agency. Harrington and Newell utilized their money to fun Valve for the development of GoldSrc and Half-Life game engine.

Their science fiction game ‘Half-Life’ was released in 1998, and has gained over 50 trophies for ‘Game of the Year’. The company is also, in a tie up association with an online game distribution platform ‘Stream’, which has over 75 million user bases.

At the time of the development of Half-Life 2 he spent lot of time working on the Steam project. In the year 2007 he publicly expressed his unhappiness on the development of the software for gaming consoles specially the Playstation 3. In support of his statement he once quoted the console was a a waste of everybody’s time” and “a disaster on many levels.

He is open about his views on all the new technological changes and gaming systems be it Xbox Live service, criticism by referring to it as ‘a train wreck’.

Gabe Newell Net Worth

The computer programmer has earned quite a fortune working for almost 13 years with Bill Gates at Microsoft, where he fulfilled the role of a Windows operating producer. Later, his own investment in Valve turned him into a billionaire. His company is known as one of best producers and distributors of video games. He is responsible for releasing popular game series ‘Portal’ and ‘Team Fortress’.

The net worth of Gabe Newell is estimated to be around $5.6 billion. Over the years he has gained a goodwill in the industry, which motivates every new gamer to opt for their company for distribution as well as streaming. On asking about him he says he is the “producer on the first three releases of Windows”. He was featured in the list of top 1000 billionaires in the world.

Gabe owns a Holiday villa in Long Beach Peninsula, which is spread over an area of 3 acres, around the beach, offering a stellar view of deep Blue Ocean. His family often can be photographed enjoying vacations over there. The worth of the beach house is estimated to be worth millions.

In early 2000’s Gabe was diagnosed with Fuchs’ dystrophy, which is a congenital disease, and centrally affects cornea, however he was cured, as he went under two cornea transplants during 2006 and 2007. He is also a big time intellectual and financial supporter of Democratic Party.

In 2007, Gabe openly announced that he is against the gaming console that was being produced by his company, specifically for PlayStation 3, and quoted the idea to be ‘a horrible disaster’ and ‘a waste of …time’. He also had some harsh views for Microsoft Windows 8, as he called it a threat and catastrophe for the open nature of the PC gaming world.

He has transformed the gaming world through his contribution, his programming skills and passion for video games, fits in perfectly and opens doors to new ideas that all the gamers are very thankful for. He is another name in the list of Harvard drop outs that ended up in becoming a billionaire.