Don King Net Worth

Who is Don King and what is his net worth 2018? Don King is a boxing promoter who is known for his involvement in various boxing matches. He has been associated with some of the prominent names in boxing like Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, Evander Holyfield, Marco Antonio Barrera, Larry Holmes, Joe Frazier, Andrew Golota, Felix Trinidad, George Foreman, Roy Jones Jr., and Muhammad Ali. King is a controversial figure owing to the civil cases against him. He has also been charged with killing two people. He was imprisoned for three years and eleven months for tramping one of his workers to death.

Donald “Don” King was born on August 20, 1931, in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1951, he graduated from John Adams High. He then went to Kent State University, but only to drop out and run an illegal bookmaking operation. In there, he was charged with killing two men. One of the killings was considered to be a ‘justifiable homicide’ after it was revealed that he shot the person while he was trying to rob one of his gambling houses.

Don King Net Worth

In 1967, he was convicted for stomping an employee to death who owed him $600. He was released in 1983 by the Governor of Ohio, Jim Rhodes. In his support, there were several letters written by Jesse Jackson, Gabe Paul, Coretta Scott King, Art Modell, George Voinovich and many others.

Don King has a biological daughter named Debbie and has also got two adopted sons named Eric and Carl. In December 2010, his wife Henrietta died at the age of 87. King has got five grandchildren. He is active in politics and has supported George W. Bush in the 2004 US Presidential Election. In 2008, he supported Barack Obama and in 2016, he supported Donald Trump.

Don King made an entry in the boxing world when he convinced Muhammad Ali for a charity exhibition in Cleveland, Ohio. He also formed a partnership with Don Elbaum who was a local promoter and had many fighters with many years of involvement in boxing. In 1974, he negotiated a matchup between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali in Zaire for the heavyweight championship.

This was popularly known as ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’. Their match became a much-anticipated event, and all of Don King’s rivals wanted to endorse the bout. Don King was able to secure the bout which was for $10 million which was with an arrangement with the Zaire Government. This was then followed by scheduling many matches including WBA and WBC world heavyweight championship in 1975. King became one of the top promoters of boxing and scheduled a match between Joe Frazier and Ali in Manila which he called “Thrilla in Manila”.

In the 1970s, he promoted many boxers and emerged as the top promoter of boxing. Even in the 1980s and 1990s, he kept on getting involved with some of the high profile names in the boxing world. He has involved himself in some of the biggest boxing fights of Meldrick Taylor, Tomasz Adamek, Ricardo Mayorga, Terry Norris, Azumah Nelson, Carlos Zárate, and Aaron Pryor.

In 1997, Don King was inducted into the ‘International Boxing Hall of Fame’. He was also inducted in the ‘Gaming Hall of Fame’ in 2008. In his memory, the Shaker Boulevard in Cleveland was being renamed to Don King Way in 2016.

Don King Net Worth

Don King managed a lucrative career by getting involved himself in some of the top boxing matches. He has promoted the top boxers of the world. In doing so, he has made good money in his career. Don King’s net worth is an estimated $170 million. He has been earning millions by scheduling a single match. Apart from boxing, he is also the owner of the weekly newspaper ‘Call and Post’. He is the publisher of the newspaper which serves the African-American community in Ohio. With his experience in managing events, King has also managed ‘The Jackson’s’ Victory Tour of 1984.

Don King has been involved in a number of controversies in his career. He has faced lawsuits and prosecutions from many boxers. Some of the individuals with whom he got involved in controversies include Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, Tim Witherspoon, Mike Tyson, and Terry Noris. He has also launched a defamation suit worth $2.5 billion against ESPN. He is a frequent guest on the show ‘The Howard Stern Show’.