Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

Who is Barbara Corcoran and how much her net worth? Barbara Ann Corcoran was born on 10th March 1949 in Edgewater, New Jersey, U.S. Barbara is the second oldest child of 10 children. Her father was a printing press foreman and her mother was a housewife. She is very talented and experienced American businesswoman, author, consultant etc. She is the founder of ‘The Corcoran group’ in 1973, ‘Barbara Corcoran Inc’ and ‘Barbara Corcoran venture partners’.

She is a columnist for More Magazine, Redbook, and the daily review. She is a motivational speaker and has written many books, both business and real estate books. The lady wanted to become a master of her own. Doing one after another 20 kinds of different jobs even of waitressing, she decided to start he brings kind of business. She took a loan of $1000 from her boyfriend and invested in real estate.

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth 2018-2019

With the help of her entrepreneurial skills and focused goal, she turned that loan money into billions. In the year 2001, she sold her real estate company to NRT LLC for approx. 70 million dollars. After selling it, her worth increased tremendously in real estate and she emerged a very prominent personality in New York’s real estate. Corcoran works in an NBC TODAY show as a contributor by real estates.

Barbara Corcoran is an outstanding author too. She has also penned some of the books that are like by a huge number of people around the globe: “if you don’t have big breasts, “put ribbons on your Pigtails”, “Next Ville” and “Amazing Places to live the rest of your life”. These books are best-selling in the market as they provide addition informational and steps related to business. They are entertaining and inspirational too, which every person who is about to start a business must read.

Barbara is married to Bill Higgins in 1988, who is her second husband and with whom she lives in Manhattan with 2 children. She had 9 years old daughter who she adopted. Barbara had a son Tommy, born when she was 45 years old after following 8 years old of treatment.

Education: After doing the intermediate from a school of Jersey, Barbara got graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas college in 1971. She wanted to become a teacher and that’s why she did her graduation in education. She did teaching for one year but abandoned it to start a business of her own.

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

Her net worth consists of her founding of a Corcoran group in 1973 which is a real estate business. She performs as a business consultant via her production company named Barbara Corcoran Inc. She has an estimated net worth of $55 million.

She owns a very lavishing beautifully decorated apartment in New York city. She owns two beach viewing houses on Fire Island in New York. Barbara bought her dad Lincoln Continental and to her mom, she gifted Mercury Cougar convertible and sends the gift to their Florida condo.

Barbara Corcoran as Business Model

Corcoran is dyslexia contributor for CNBC and The Today Show in real estate column and that too on the top of the list. She has opened up so many donation camps for the poor people. She performs as a speaker and consultant on her own television show. She is also a part of Shark Tank in which she invested in up to 20 business till now. The first 8 business turned her life which was very successful and made her a millionaire women.

The star of Shark tank, Corcoran address young people “when it’s time to quit your job and focus on and start your new business” in February 2017.

Being a millionaire she is very generous towards the needy person. She helps the people suffering from dyslexia. Barbara biggest and appreciable thing is that she courageously started a business in real estate at that time when women were even not taken seriously in a business matter. She started her business on her own and without involving any other. She is an incredible example of intelligibility and determined female. Corcoran is a sought-out and clear speaker who brings her energy to address her audience and help to make rid of their perplexity and mix up mystification.