Stan Lee Net Worth 2019

Who is Stan Lee and what is his net worth 2019? A boy who started off with serving lunch and refilling Ink jars of writers to eventually become the president of the same company, Marvel Comics is none other than Stan Lee. Stanley Martin Lieber is a comic book writer, Television host and voice actor. He is the creator of all superheroes like X-men, Doctor Strange, Thor and many more. Stan lee is said to be revolutionary on comic books field, and had earned huge name and fame with his creative thoughts and writings.

Early Life

Stanley was born in America (New York) to Jack Lieber, a dress cutter by profession and to Celia, a housewife. But after the great depression, his father could not earn much and Stanley and his family had to face several financial struggles. They all lived in one bedroom apartment. Stan Lee went to DeWitt Clinton High School situated in The Bronx and to support his family financially did small jobs like doing office boy work, writing obituaries and many more. His childhood had huge influence of movies and reading. He wanted to be a writer, writing for the great American Novel and soon became an interim editor at Timely Comics.

Stan Lee Net Worth

Stan Lee married Joan Boocock in 1947 and after two years, they bought a 2BHK apartment in Woodmere in New York. The couple was blessed with a daughter named Joan Celia Lee.

Net Worth of Stan Lee

Stan Lee has a net worth of $55 million. The creator of various superheroes worked for publishing company, Marvel. According to Stan Lee he does not hold any profits in movie’s success. As per reports, Stan Lee gets $1 Million as his salary annually being the former head of the comic book company Marvel. This salary is entitled for lifetime. He was also entitled for 10% profits of the super hero flicks back in 2005.

For various endorsements and advertisements, Stan lee get a good amount but as per his lifetime earnings, $50 Million might seem to be much less than expected. He does Charity work and has donated his earnings several times to University of Wyoming from time period between 1981 to 2001.

Stan lee owned a 2500 sq. ft. house in 2006 costing $4 million but in 2014, he put up the house on sale. The reason was not financial. He put up it on sale at $3.75 million but made a much lesser deal at $2.8 million. Stan lee then purchased another house in 2015 costing $4.4 million having 4 bedrooms, chef’s kitchen, 7 bathrooms and a movie theatre also. Stan Lee is said to own a luxurious Audi S8.

At the age of 94, Stan Lee is still not retired from his work. He still is creatively working with the company. Every year he is doing something new. In 2010, Stan lee wrote live musical, created mascots for National hockey league. In 2012, Stan Lee started his own YouTube channel, Stan lee’s World of Heroes.

He even donated his earnings for various charity works. It was said that Stan lee has so much of net worth but in an interview he clarified that he is just the creator and rest all other things for merchandising, production benefits etc. are not earned by him. He enjoys his works and that is why he does not want to retire till his death.

Stan Lee has been creator of many fictional characters. Among the most famous, Stan Lee is said to have made The Fantastic Four Superheroes back in 1960s turned his life and entered him into the Comic book writing world. The highest recognition any one can get is to be in Hall of Fame in the same working industry which are: The Will Eisner Award (1994) and Jack Kirby Award (1995). Stan lee is known for his social work as well. In the year 2010, Stan lee started his own foundation emphasizing more on education and Literacy.

Being the office boy at a publication and becoming the head of the publication house, Stan lee has invested all his years in creating new characters and doing cameos on those character based films. He even appeared on the last episode of the Netflix series, Iron Fist featuring on series of posters. Stan lee has a go getter and nonstop working attitude which is why even at the age of 94 he still go for events and is creatively involved. He cannot read or write due to lack of eye sight but his thoughts does empower many other young writers.