Stephen Curry Net Worth 2019

Who is Stephen Curry and what is his net worth 2019? Stephen Curry was born on 14th March 1988 in Akron, Ohio. He is a Basketball Player by Profession. He plays for the Golden State Warriors team in the NBA. He is considered to be one of the best shooters in the history of NBA. Due to his outstanding performance, he has been named as the Most Valuable Player of NBA. He led the Golden State Warriors to win their first championship since 1975. He is also considered to be the first player selected as MVP with maximum votes. The very same year his team won the maximum number of matches in the championship.

Early Life

Curry was interested in playing basketball right from his childhood. He was a brilliant player and before he made his debut in the school matches he was already popular. His coach had seen his training and knew he was definitely going to be a very special player. When he began playing he was named as the second best freshman in his country. Soon he started playing for various tournaments like the Southern Conference Tournament and the NCAA tournament where he performed really well and his game was highly appreciated.

Stephen Curry Net Worth


Due to his excellent skills and abilities, in the year 2009, he was selected by the NBA for the Golden state Warriors with a contract of 4 years and a whopping amount of $12.7 million. In that season he was named as the second best rookie of the year. In the year 2011, he won the NBA All-Star Challenge and was also the winner of the NBA Sportsmanship Award.

The major setback in Curry’s career has been when he was injured several times while playing. He also underwent several surgeries. However, he showed great sportsmanship and was part of every game. He underwent two major surgeries: The first one was to repair the ligament in the right ankle. The doctors diagnosed that it was torn and had to be repaired. However while playing for a match; he again injured the same ankle. The other surgery involved the strained tendons in the right foot.

Net Worth of Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry’s net worth is approximate $40 Million. Most of his assets are due to the endorsements and the contracts that he signs for the game. It is also estimated that Under Armour his value could go up to $14 billion which is incredible for any player. Seeing his popularity and game style, even Under Armour has said that they would definitely like to pay him more.

Stephen Curry loves to own houses. He has 5 houses registered to his name. In the year 2013, he was living in a Penthouse in Oakland. He also owns the lavish MVP home which is of 10,000 sq feet and has five bedrooms and 10 baths in it. It is worth $5.8 million. He also bought a mansion in Walnut Creek which is said to be approximately 8000 sq feet. This year he has bought the Orinda Homes for $3.9 million. His entire home has excellent interiors done.

As far as cars are concerned, although Curry owns several of them but his favourite is the Mercedes-Benz G- Wagon and he usually poses most of the time with the road monster.

Stephen Curry is the son of Sonya Adams. His father was associated with the NBA with the team Cleveland Cavaliers. His father spent most of the time in basketball and it is from there that Stephen got his inspiration from. He has two siblings: a younger brother who plays basketball and a sister who plays volleyball. In the year 2011, Stephen married Ayesha Alexander who was supposedly his long time girlfriend. The couple tied the knot in Charlotte. They have two daughters from their marriage.

Stephen is a strong believer of Christianity. He is also into several social causes and has been a philanthropist. He was a part of the Nets campaign to eradicate malaria in the nation. He was also invited by President Barrack Obama to the white house. It was on the occasion of the President’s Malaria initiative Strategy which was launched in the year 2015. He delivered a 5 minutes speech at the White House about Malaria and how it can be eradicated.