Serena Williams Net Worth

Who is Serena Williams and what is her net worth 2018? The Greatest Female Tennis Player of all time, Serena Williams. When Richard Williams and Oracene Prince gave birth to their second daughter, Serena, in the year 1981, little did they know what future had in store for her. Serena, along with her elder sister Venus, began playing tennis at the age of just three. Ever since then and even until now, both the sisters have been under the guidance of their parents. She is a prime example of what one can achieve through dedication.

However, it’s the combined factors such as the self-dedication, dedication of her entire family, practice and well, talent, that’s made her who she is today. Today, she is the Number 1. Women’s Tennis Player in the world, who holds the record for the most number of Grand Slam Title in the Open Era (23). Sparing exaggeration, one can literally fill a couple of pages, not one, but a couple of pages with the number of records she has to her name.

Serena Williams Net Worth

Her upbringing was perfect. Richard and Oracene, made sure that she didn’t grow up too quickly, although, their opinion was sometimes different to that of her then coach, Rick Macci. These efforts of theirs had an invaluable influence on not only Serena but also on her elder sister, Venus’s life. Serena first showcased her special talent on the big screen, at the U.S Open Finals of 1999, where she won her first singles, as well as, her first doubles Grand Slam titles.

She did this, just four years after turning professional. There are people who wait years for a Grand Slam and then there’s Serena, who makes it look like the Grand Slams were waiting for her. There’s nothing she hasn’t won, Olympic Gold included. Before the year 2016 ended, she got engaged to Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of the popular web-based social media newsroom, Reddit.

Education: Serena’s father, Richard played a major role in her education. He knew that Serena needed to manage her practice and at the same time, study as well. Therefore, at the age of ten, Serena was withdrawn from junior tennis tournaments and made to focus on her school work, more. From then on, she was home-schooled. Later on her career, she attained a couple of certification in relation to the fashion field.

Serena Williams Net Worth

She was born and brought up in a humble family and here she is today, with a net worth of $165 million. Just as her trophy cabinet got bigger and bigger, year after year, one tournament after another, so did her bank account. Her astounding net worth is part prize money and part, endorsements. Nike and Wilson, are her two major endorsement deals but apart from them, she has other deals with companies like: Delta Airline, Beats etc.

She has made almost $85 million as prize money. The approximate figures of her deal with Nike borders around the $40 million landmark. Apart from all this, she has followed up on her passion for fashion via the launch of her own line of clothing named, ‘Aneresa’. On top of this, nearly five years ago, she released her own handbags and jewellery, too.

The assets that she does own aren’t well publicised. So we don’t really know where, on what and how she spends all this money that she earns. However one known fact is that, the mansion that she owns at West Palm Beach is worth more than $2 million. A fashionable, $120,000 Bentley Continental takes up some space in her garage. A sweet ride, indeed.

The business model of Serena Williams is similar to that of many athletes worldwide. Edorsements, prize money and other deals. That’s where most of the money comes from. Tennis players don’t have salaries perse. Their earnings come in the form of prize money and Serena has capitalised on her talent to the best of her ability. Nearly $85 million, in rough figures, constitute her winnings from tournaments. Along with her sister, she is responsible for the cause resulting in women’s dominance in sports.

She has used this image to the best of her ability to earn a number of valuable endorsements, Nike being on top of the list. While other athletes are content with just this, she hasn’t let her desire to do something in the world of fashion evaporate. In fact, over the years, especially now, late in her career, she is keeping a keen eye of her line of clothing, handbags and jewellery. The latter two products are sold under the brand name Signature Statement. She has also written.