Scottie Pippen Net Worth

Who is Scottie Pippen and what is his net worth 2018? Scottie Pippen is a former basketball player who has played in the NBA (National Basketball Association). He has been nicknamed as “Pip” and has won six NBA titles. He has played an important role in altering the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s along with Michael Jordan. He has been considered as one of the best small forwards ever and has won the Olympic Gold medal twice in his career. Pippen has been inducted twice into the ‘Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame’. He is the only player to win an Olympic Gold medal and NBA title in the same year twice.

Scottie Maurice Pippen was born in Hamburg, Arkansas on September 25, 1965. He was born to parents Preston Pippen and Ethel Pippen. His mother was 6 feet in height and his father was an inch taller than her. All of his other siblings are also taller. His father used to work in a paper mill but was prevented from working after he was paralyzed. As a child, he went to Hamburg High School.

Scottie Pippen Net Worth

Despite taking his team to the state playoffs he did not earn any college scholarships. He used to play in his college at the University of Central Arkansas and was discovered by Coach Don Dyer. By then he reached the height of 6’8” and in 1987 he became a leading player in the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference. In his college career, his average assist was 2.7.

Scottie Pippen was married to Karen McCollum in 1988. They have a son named Antron Pippen born in 1987. The couple got separated in 1990. He married Larsa Younan in 1997. Together they have four children namely Sophia, Justin, Preston, and Scottie. He also has a daughter named Sierra Pippen from Yvette De Leon and another daughter named Taylor Pippen from Sonya Roby.

In the 1987 NBA draft, Scottie Pippen was the fifth overall pick by Seattle SuperSonics. He was traded to Chicago Bulls. He made his debut in November 1987 against Philadelphia 76ers. He led the Bulls to reach the semifinals in the 1988 NBA Playoffs. He led the Bulls in the Conference Finals of 1989 and 1990.

In the 1990–91 NBA season, he has his first triple-double against Los Angeles Clippers. In the game, he made 12 assists, 13 rebounds, and 13 points. In December of the same year, he made his second triple-double over Indiana Pacers. The Bulls ended the season with 61-21. He led the Bulls to win the 1991 NBA Finals against LA Lakers. He also won the 1992 and 1993 NBA finals and also captured his first Olympic Gold Medal in Barcelona, Spain.

The Bulls won the 1996-97 finals over Utah Jazz. They again had their victory over the Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals. In the 2000 NBA Draft, Pippen was traded to the Houston Rockets for Roy Rogers. He was then traded to the Portland Trail Blazers. In 2003, he again joined the Chicago Bulls and signed a contract worth $10 million. In July 2010, he became the ambassador of the Chicago Bulls.

Scottie Pippen has made several records in his career as an NBA player. He has won the Olympic Gold medal twice for the US Men’s National Basketball Team. In 1996, he was named as the USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year.

Scottie Pippen Net Worth

Pippen had a marvelous career as an NBA player. Scottie Pippen’s net worth is an estimated $55 million. His salary with the Houston Rockets was $11 million. He has also appeared in the television show ER. Pippen was seen in the film Midgets vs. Mascots. In 2010, he lent his voice in an episode of The Cleveland Show. His career earnings from NBA stand over $109 million. In 1987, his salary with the Chicago Bulls was $723,000. In 2002, it was over $19 million when he was in Portland Trail Blazers. In his final season, his salary was over $5 million.

Scottie Pippen has featured in the documentary film called Hardwood Heroes along with Glen Rice, Clyde Drexler, and others. He supports the Research for Child Cancer.