Sam Bradford Net Worth 2019

Who is Sam Bradford and what is his net worth 2019? American football is one of the largest sport played in the United States with a huge fan following and an equally huge investment with several teams participating across several leagues and tournaments. One player who has really utilised this in the right way is quarterback Sam Bradford. Sam is currently the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in the National Football league (NFL). Sam is one of those players whose talents had been identified at a very young age and pruned to make them better players at the national level. Sam has played football at all levels up until now!

Early Life

Sam Bradford was born on November 8, 1987, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was born to Kent and Martha Bradford who were in all aspects superb parents and motivated Sam to do what he loved. Sam couldn’t have reached the levels of success he has achieved till now if not for the support of his parents. Sam showed an early inclination towards sports in general and later developed a taste for American football soon after.

Sam Bradford Net Worth

Sam had a noteworthy career playing at high school itself and he went to Puntam City North High School, Oklahoma City. Sam showed interest in football, baseball and basketball and even a weird interest in Golf when he was at High School. He quickly dropped the other sports at the end of his first year and held on to football alone in a hope that he could make it to the big leagues.

Sam also played professional hockey for a year when he was 12 and quit it the same year itself. However, he made such a huge impact on his coach who felt that Sam could become a national level hockey player in the National Hockey League. Sam had other ideas and quit hockey to follow his true passion which was football. Sam Bradford was one of those kids who are naturally athletic and good at all sports irrespective of any training in that sport. Sam chose football as his basis of attention however and decided to work on that.


Even though Sam had amazing skills at football, he was ranked only a two or three stars which made him less popular than the five-star rated players. I Division leagues, however, saw the talent Sam had to offer and were eager to offer him scholarships at their colleges. This list included Stanford, Michigan, Texas Tech and Sam’s home state, Oklahoma itself. Sam obviously went with his home state and joined the University of Oklahoma which offered him a scholarship so that he could play football and make it into a career. During his time at the University, Sam scored 50 touchdowns and even won the Heisman Trophy for his achievements on the field!

After finishing college in 2009, Sam was slated to be picked for the official Oklahoma team but was not picked in 2009 because of a shoulder injury. In 2010, however, Sam’s name was the first pick for all the teams because of his impressive records at college and at the high school. After jumping from the St. Louis team to the Philadelphia Eagles, Sam is currently a quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

Net Worth of Sam Bradford

Sam has an estimated net worth of $62.5 million. He was offered a 78 million dollar contract by the St. Louis team in 2010 for remaining in their team for six years. Sam has obviously moved on from that and has played for Philadelphia and Minnesota. The contract offered to him was the highest ever offered to an NFL rookie player. This offer shocked people everywhere but they soon came to realize how valuable a player Sam was. His annual salary is estimated upwards of 10 million dollars which explain his 62.5 million dollar net worth!

Sam Bradford is an example of the American dream and how people can achieve whatever they want just by working towards their dreams. Sam had always been an athletic kid but no one could have predicted this steep a growth chart for him. Sam’s popularity as a player is reflected by Oklahoma’s mayor’s announcement that January 13 every year would be celebrated as ‘Sam Bradford Day’. This is truly a splendid achievement for Sam.