Ryback Net Worth 2019

Who is Ryback and what is his net worth 2019? Wrestling is one the major sports in America having a huge fan following and wrestlers have an almost cult status among fans and one such wrestler is Ryback. Ryback is a very popular wrestler who was earlier part of the World Wrestling Entertainment corporation and attained cult status among his fans there and went on to make a name for himself in the independent wrestling circuits. Ryback is true to blood American having been born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 35-year-old wrestler is very well known in the Las Vegas Strip and frequently wrestles for his fans in the city.

Early Life

Ryback was born on November 10, 1981, in Las Vegas Nevada. His birth name was Ryan Allen Reeves which he later changed to Ryback when he decided to take up wrestling as a profession. He was very inclined towards becoming a wrestler from a very young age and started viewing professional wrestling bouts from the age of 8. He was allowed to ring the bell at a professional World Wrestling Federation bout at this age and was even invited as a guest bell ringer at several other bouts owing to the interest he showed in the sport.

Ryback Net Worth

At the tender age of 12, Ryback started lifting weights to build up his muscle tone to hone his skills as a wrestler. Due to this, he developed some serious muscle structure when he was in his teens leading to his classmates calling him names and teasing him that he resembled a silverback gorilla. This did not deter Ryan and he kept true to his training to become a professional wrestler.

He also played other sports when he was in high school including baseball and football. He attended two high schools and two colleges but never failed to showcase his talents wherever he went. After completing his education at the University of Nevada, Ryan worked part-time for two years at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino while he was training to become a professional wrestler.


2004 was the year Ryan would have his big break with him sending a one minute video into ‘$1,000,000 Tough Enough’ and getting selected along with 49 other contestants. Even though there were early setbacks with the contest, Ryan managed to impress WWE officials and was even among the last to be voted out of ‘smackdown’ which was his platform for greatness.

After intense training in the Ohio camp during 2005 and 2006, Ryan was selected to be on the list of wrestlers on the Ohio Valley Wrestling catalog. Soon after this, however, he failed a wellness test and was suspended for a month after which he came back with a bang and a fresh hair cut. He was teamed up with Jon Bolen and the duo was called High Dosage.

Things did not go as planned as the duo lost more fights than they won making them among the least popular tag teams even though both wrestlers were quite popular among their fans. Over the years, Ryan made waves as Ryback winning several championships and retaining his name as a formidable opponent. This was brought to an end in early 2016 with Ryback announcing his departure from WWE.

Net Worth of Ryback

In all his championship victories over the years, Ryback earned quite a lot of prize money which was a major source of income for him. He also earns a steady salary of around $500,000 a year which helps him maintain his net worth at the level it is now. He was one of the higher paid wrestlers when he was in the WWE and he still managed to make money after quitting it. Ryback’s net worth stood at $4.5 million!

Ryan or Ryback as he is popularly known has achieved sort of a cult status among fans for his formidable presence on stage and his dedication towards his sport. He is truly an inspiration to all those aspiring wrestlers out there. It is quite impossible to believe that this hugely popular wrestler was once working part time at a casino to make ends meet. Ryback’s story is a fine example of how hard work can lead to success.