Ryan Lochte Net Worth

Who is Ryan Lochte and what is net worth of him? If you are a fan of sports and you’ve followed the 2016 Olympics at Rio, you would have surely heard of Ryan Lochte, the swimmer from the American contingent. He was in the news for a controversial statement that he was attacked by four goons acting as policemen which was later disproved by officials at Rio which led to a lot of name calling and a loss of respect for the Olympic Swimmer. Even though most people know him for this controversy, Ryan is an accomplished swimmer and is actually ranked second in America after Michael Phelps. This shows how talented a sportsman Ryan is. Ryan holds world records in 200 meter and 400 meter medley and has had the fastest lap times for many races.

Ryan Lochte was born on August 3, 1984 in Rochester, New York to parents who had an interesting lineage which made his descent quite interesting as well. He was born to Ileana Ike and Steven R. Lochte. Ileana was of Cuban descent and was raised in Havana while Steven was of Dutch, English and German descent. He was the middle child in the family having two younger brothers and two older sisters. When Ryan was a child, the family lived in Bristol, New York where he attended Bloomfield Central School. In 1996, when Ryan was 12, the entire family moved to Florida so Ryan’s father could teach swimming at a pool there.

Ryan Lochte Net Worth 2018-2019

One would think having both parents as amazing swimmers is what made Ryan such a good simmer but it not so as Ryan was very stubborn and would often misbehave at his dad’s swimming pool and play pranks on the other kids who attended classes there. This led to him getting an earful from his father and having to spend more time in the showers than in the pool.

All this changed when the family moved to Florida and Ryan participated in the Junior Olympics when he was 14. A defeat at the competition made Ryan decided once and for all that he would train hard enough that he would never lose again. He did just that and it brought superb results which all ended up with Ryan being the second best swimmer in all of America!

Ryan’s career started in college when he swam for Coach Gregg Troy and won several medals and competitions and was well on the way to becoming an Olympic Swimmer. Ryan qualified for the Olympics at the 2004 Olympic trials after finishing second behind Michael Phelps. In the Summer Olympics of the same year, Ryan and Phelps swam with two others to oust Australia from winning the Gold in the relay which had been Australia’s forte for 6 consecutive years. They repeated this performance again in the 2005 aquatic Olympics and finished first ahead of Canada and Australia.

In 2006, at the FINA Short Course World Championships, Ryan set two world records in the 200-meter individual medley and the 200-meter backstroke. He also became the first man to complete the 100-meter backstroke in the 4×100 relay in under 50 seconds creating another world record! 2006 was a big year in Ryan’s career as his records still stand as of today!

As the years passed by Ryan created a name for himself setting several records and winning several more awards and competitions. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Ryan had missed out on a place in the 400 meter individual medley but he secured a place in the 4×200 meter medley which they later won and this brought up Ryan’s medal count to 12. This meant Ryan Lochte was the second most awarded male swimmer of all time in the Olympics after Michael Phelps.

Ryan Lochte Net Worth

Ryan Estimated net worth is around $6.2 million. As a result of all of his victories at the Olympics, his earnings from his medals alone is estimated to be $250,000. Apart from this, he has won several competitions which brought him lots of money. His most high source of income was however the various endorsements and brand deals he was part of. It is estimated that from 2006, Ryan received $500,00 each year from Speedo and a total of $3 million dollars from Gatorade. He has also had endorsement deals with Gillette and Nissan both of which together netted him close to $3 million dollars. All of this income contributed to his present net worth of $ 6.2 million!

Ryan’s story is often misconstrued and he is only known for the controversy which he was involved in but as an accomplished swimmer, he must be known for several other things including the fact that he is ranked second in the most decorated male swimmer in the Olympics.