Russell Wilson Net Worth

Who is Russell Wilson and what is his net worth 2018? Russell Carington Wilson, an American football quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League was born on November 20, 1988 at the Christ hospital in Cincinati, Ohio. His father Harrison Benjamin Wilson III was a lawyer by profession and his mother Tammy Wison was a legal nurse consultant. Growing up in Richmand Virginia with his older brother Harrison IV and a younger sister Anna, Russell developed a keen interest in football and went on to play with Tuckahoe Tomahawks youth football team in sixth grade.

At this day, his name shines the brightest in the glittering pages of History. A lot is known about Wilsons Family history which has been traced back to Saint Arnulf of Metz. Apparently his great grandfather was a slave to a Confederate colonel before getting freed in the American Civil War.

Russell Wilson Net Worth

Also Russells paternal grandfather, Harrison B Wilson Jr. has served as a president of Norfolk State University and also played football and basketball at Kentucky State University. It has also been revealed that Wilsons paternal grandmother Anna W Wilson served as a faculty member at Jackson State University and his maternal grandfather AB Jackson was a famous painter.

Wilson had also dabbled in Baseball before finally settling for football his true calling when he was grabbed by Seattle Seahawks for $2.99 million. Wilson who was previously married to Ashton Meem in the years 2012-2015 is now hitched to singer and song writer Ciara and the couple resides in Bellevue, Washington.

Education: In high school, Wilson attended ‘Colligiate school’ in Richmond, Virginia. It was a preparatory school. Even as a boy back then, he was extremely active in sports. In 2005, when he was in high school he was named an all-district, all-region and an all-state player. He was named player of the year by the Richmond Times. In school this exemplary lad was a senior class president as well. Wilson later went on to the New York State University and University of Wisconsin in 2011. Rusell was already into full-fledged game from the start of his College life.

Russell Wilson Net Worth

The net worth of this star footballer is whopping $48 million. In 2015 Wilson signed an $87.6 million contract extension with Seattle Seahawks making him the highest paid player in the Sport.

With all the wealth that Rusell gathered throughout his career, it’s pretty obvious that he owes himself a class of luxury. From a big mansion to bungalow there is no count of how much he has. Rusell has a parking lot full of luxury cars. Some among them are Audi, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Mustang Gt, Limo, Ferrari, Limbo and a British MG convertible. Jaws dropped already? Well… he sure does deserve all that he has and all that he will have in future.

Wilson has a great deal of business going about besides football. He has always had plethora of advertisements in his kitty like: Nike, Pepsi, Alaska Airlines, Levi’s, Bose, Duracell, American Family Insurance. Rusell Wilson has also been a regular feature on various sports magazine covers like:ESPN the Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Rollings stone, Mens Fitness.

It’s a thing that the whole world knows for fact that he loves his wife to the moon and back. The adorable couple was recently engaged in a tennis game. However, Wilson did not quite appear very interested. So he stood at the corner lovingly looking at her wife Ciara play tennis. This star footballer waited patiently for his turn. The couple posted this video online and it has been receiving love from all around. Even the veteran tennis star Serena Williams saw the video and she could not hold back from reacting to it. Serena shared a few tips and tricks of Tennis on the video. Fans surely can’t stop but go awwww.

Another piece of quantifiable news about Rusell doing the rounds recently is his Facebook status. Wilson posted a status message about none other but America’s infamous Donald Trump. He said that President of United States Donald Trump would not even last for four years in the White House. The post has received many reactions all different from each other. But one thing is sure. Fans have clearly known his political bent. It’s no more a secret that he despises Trump blatantly.

Rusell Wilson is a pioneer in living form. His achievements and his life is in itself a great inspiration for many across the world. This star footballer from America has shown the world a game of frenzy. He was he one to cause furor with his game when he entered the court for the first time. His glory shines bright in the pages of history.

It is true in all forms that Rusell Wilson firmly deserves all that he has. His fans vest their great trust in him and his game. And why not? He has done enough to earn it. We hope that he shines brighter and brighter and keep us all inspired in and out. Truly, America has this very expensive gem in the form of Rusell Wilson.