Rob Dyrdek Net Worth 2018

Who is Rob Dyrdek and what is his net worth 2018? Born in America, and enthusiastic in sports and fitness from an early age, it is no surprise that Rob Dyrdek grew up to become a popular skateboarder. However, this is not what the talents of Rob are limited to. Along with being an active skateboarder, he is also into acting, production and is considered as a successful entrepreneur. Rob, along with participating in numerous skateboarding championships, has also been a part of multiple American television series like, ‘Rob and Big’, ‘Ridiculousness’ and ‘Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory’. The animated series ‘Wild Grinders’ has been created by Rob himself, in the series he has given his voice to the character of Lil Rob.

Early Life

Born in the year 1974, on 28th of June, to Jene and Patty Dyrdek, in Kettering, Ohio, he got into skateboarding from an early age of seven. He also has a sister named Denise, and two bull dogs, Meaty and Beefy. His nick name is “Diesel”.

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Professional skateboarder Neil Blender personally gave Rob his first skateboard. When Rob was only 12, he began his career in skateboarding, after he acquired a sponsorship by the company Blender played for. Rob along with Blender, quit later, to together form Alien Workshop.hich is now owned by him.

Briyana Noelle Flores and Dyrdek got engaged months before Rob would turn 41. After Dyrdek proposed to her in Disneyland, they were engaged in April 26th 2015. The couple recently had a baby.

Education: As mentioned already, Rob was into skateboarding from an early age, during his school days, he was so much into the sport that he used to keep thinking about the moves he would make while skateboarding. While skateboarding in school, he used to continue doing it till he was not stopped, and asked to come back.

When he was just sixteen, he decided to let go of his high school education, to pursue a career in skateboarding. Keeping this in mind, he moved to South Carolina.

Net Worth of Rob Dyrdek

The estimated net worth of professional skateboarder, entrepreneur and television artist is $54 million. Starting skateboarding from an early age, he was called a few of the ‘Most influential skateboarders of all time’ in the year 2014, by Fox Weekly. When he moved to South Carolina after ditching high school, he began skate boarding for Doors Clothing, the company which later got transformed into DC Shoes.

Dyrdek has been sponsored by companies like Alien Workshop, DC Shoes, Monster Energy and more. The ‘Street League Skateboarding’ competition was founded by Rob himself, and has steadily evolved from being a domestic event to an international one. He is involved in various ventures like cartoon, Megahorse racing, wild grinders on Nickelodeon network and a foundation called Rob Dyrdek Foundation. He also owns a TAG Body Spray scent called Make Moves.


His first big break on television was through the reality show ‘Rob and Big’ which was on air from the November of 2006 to April of 2008. His Best friend, and cousin Christopher Boykin was also a part of the show.

In the February of 2009, the show ‘Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory’ was started; this had Dyrdek as well as the staff of Dyrdek Enterprise. ‘Fantasy Factory’ was later converted into a warehouse, which was used by Dyrdek for running multiple of his ventures. The show wrapped up after airing for six seasons, with the finale being aired on March 13th 2014. In this reality show he has managed to achieve the world record for largest skateboard in the world.

His show ‘Ridiculousness’ started in the year 2013. In the show he was the host, speaking on sports mishaps. He also appeared on the show ‘Punk’d’ in the year 2012, where he was pranked by Justin Bieber. Bieber however could not succeed.

When Rob was doing the show ‘Rob and Big’, he made 21 different records in Guinness World Records. Dyrdek also has a foundation being run in his name. This was founded in the year 2003, and helps build skating parks for skateboarding communities. He has collaborated with Chevrolet for their newly launched Chevy Sonic. For their promotional campaign he performed a “kickflip” with a Sonic on the largest skateboard in world at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Dyrdek is one of those people who is very passionate about something and has whole heartedly worked for it. He has literally given a lot into the cause/ practice of skate boarding. He not only worked for it form an early age with a lot of dedication, but also helped others interested in it, become a part of it; by building the Rob Dyrek Foundation. Along with being passionate about skating, he also forayed into television, and business, and made his mark in multiple fields.