Phil Mickelson Net Worth 2018

Who is Phil Mickelson and what is his net worth 2018? Phil Mickelson, full name Philip Alfred Mickelson is a US based professional golfer, who has won around 42 events on the PGA tour. These events include five major championships and 3 major titles. He has also won a PGA championship and an open championship.

He has won every major title in his career except the US open. He was included in the World gold hall of fame around 5 years back in 2012. Everyone knows that a person, who has won so many events, must be carrying a good amount of money in his accounts, so let’s know about the net worth, cars collection and other assets Phil has.

Phil Mickelson Net Worth

Net Worth of Phil Mickelson

The net worth of the US-based golfer is near about $390 million. For a person who has won so many events and championships as a professional golfer, this net worth is kind of normal. The amount mentioned above is from last year, now the golfer must have crossed $400 million quite easily.

Every person in this world definitely has their love for expensive cars. The love for richer persons becomes even more as they can manage to buy one of the expensive cars that he wants to buy. In the case of Phil Mickelson too, the love for expensive cars is huge. Right now he is having two expensive cars named ‘Aston Martin Vanquish’ and ‘Bentley Continental GT’. Aston Martin Vanquish costs around 61 million 660 thousand dollars and Bentley continental GT costs around 100 thousand dollars. Both of the cars are sports cars and can be driven at a very high speed with a real comfort.

Being one of the richest men in the world, everyone could be having different likes and dislikes. Usually people have their love for expensive cars and bikes only; however, Phil has a huge love for Private jets as well. Phil owns a jet Gulf stream that costs around a whopping $60 million. The private jet is full of facilities and comfort. It has a sitting capacity of 14 people. The aircraft has a powerful engine of Rolls Royce and it contains a lot of advanced technologies in it. The private jet also has the amenities like TV, the internet etc. The aircraft is full of comfort with the luxurious interiors and seats it has.

A person who has a love for expensive cars, who has love private jets wouldn’t be staying behind in terms of buying an expensive house for him and his family. Phil Mickelson has bought a really expensive house which costs around $6 million and is named ‘Rancho Santa Fe Estate’. Rancho Santa Fe is a location where he has bought his beautiful looking house which is full of luxuries.

The house is spread over an area of around 9500 sq. ft. The house contains 5 luxurious rooms and 7 exotic baths. The house also contains 2 very comfortable guest rooms for the visitors. The house also has the facilities like outdoor pool and spa which will rejuvenate you after a long tiring day. The house features glorious and breathtaking interiors.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the richest man in the world, or a mediocre person in your community, in the end, one has to take care of his partner and his family very well. Phil is a family man and always takes out his precious time for his family. The family is seen vacating together several times and one can say that Phil has a happy and loving family. Here are the full details about his family members:

• Philip Anthony Mickelson – Father
• Mary Mickelson – Mother
• Tina Mickelson – Sister
• Tim Mickelson – Brother
• Evan Samuel Mickelson – Son
• Amanda Bryan Mickelson – Daughter
• Sophia Isabel Mickelson – Daughter
• Amy Mickelson – Wife

All of the family members are good with each other and the family is seen spending a good time with each other several times.

So this was all that a normal person should know about Phil Mickelson. Here we have told you most of the things that are included in his life, we have told you about his house, his cars, his private jet, his family and most importantly his total net worth. It is possible that while you are reading it, he may have added another million dollars to his account.