Michael Strahan Net Worth

Who is Michael Strahan and what is his net worth 2018? Football is one of the most popular games in America and has a vast fan following and is a multi-billion dollar industry. Obviously the players are paid handsome salaries and are super rich. One such player is Michael Strahan who played 15 years as a defensive for the new York Giants. He is very popular for the record breaking amount of sacks he did in the year 2001 and for winning the super bowl for his team in his final season in 2007.

Being hugely popular meant that Michael could take up a job in the media and become a T.V. personality. He retired from the NFL and is now an analyst for the NFL. Michael has had the honour of being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and has also hosted several shows on T.V. as well.

Michael Strahan Net Worth

Michael Anthony Strahan was born on November 21, 1971 in Houston, Texas. When Michael was nine, the family moved to an army post in Benjamin Franklin Village as his father was an army major in the U.S. Army. The army post they had to move to was in Manheim, Germany and Michael studied at the U.S. Army dependent school there until his senior year.

At his time at the Manheim American High School, Michael played organised football. When he was young and was at Manheim, his parents Louise and Gene Willie Strahan noticed that Michael showed an interest at sports, especially at football and motivated him to pursue whatever he liked which was partly the reason Michael decided to pursue football as a career.

Louisa was a basketball coach and could see that her son was inclined towards sports and so she helped him achieve his dreams. When Michael had finished with high school and had to attend senior year, his father sent him to live with an uncle at Houston, Texas so that he could properly pay football at High School level at Westbury High School in Houston.

Michael showed so much skill and talent in just one season of playing at Westbury that he was offered a scholarship by the Texas Southern University where he went after going back to Germany one last time to play in the spring season. He graduated from Manheim Christian after his last season of football there.

Career: An interesting thing to note is that Michael’s uncle played defensive at Texas Southern University and Michael also followed in his footsteps becoming a proficient and skilled defensive end player for TSU. On the field, Michael was a dominant force often double teaming but that did not frustrate the team members as it brought results. Even the coaches were impressed by Michael’s playing and they called his tactics, ‘Strahan rules’. Michael made quite a name for him and won several awards in his college playing and got the attention of the big teams in the NFL.

In 1993, Michael was signed on by the New York Giants but played only 9 games due to a host of injuries. He was not very popular until 1997 when he made a total of 14 sacks in the season qualifying him for the pro bowl team and once again in 1998 when he made 15 sacks. In the year 2000, Michael played for the run up to the super bowl but unfortunately the Giants lost even though they came strong in the championship game.

From 1997 to 2005, Michael was heralded the best defensive player of the NFL and was awarded the best defensive player award for several season. Michael was also named 2001 NFL defensive player of the year.

2001 was a great year for Michael with him making 22.5 sacks in the season nreaking the previous record of 22 sacks which was held by Mark Gastineua of the New York Jets. Even though Michael got a lot of slack from critics and analysts because his record making sack was heavily disputed, he still emerged victorious to fans rejoicing at the new record. The entirety of Michael’s 15 year old career was played with the New York Giants which made him hugely popular and gave him an easy entry into the media field.

Michael Strahan Net Worth

Michael’s net worth stood at $70 million US dollars and he reportedly had an annual salary of more than $17 million. After his entry into the T.V. industry, Michael was on LIVE! With Kelly Ripa which further increased his net worth and he earned more than Kelly Ripa. Michael also has a huge mansion called Georgian heights in New Jersey which he purchased in 2001 for $1.3 million! Even though the proceeds of the fundraiser he did with Nike went to charities, he became more popular which increased his net worth through endorsements and advertisements.

Michael is an example to all those who complain about their circumstances. He has made it big despite having to deal with a lot of stuff. He is an inspiration and a role model to all the aspiring footballers out there!