Marshawn Lynch Net Worth

Who is Marshawn Lynch and what is his net worth 2018? Football is the most favourite and famous sport of almost everybody in the United States. Not only the game seems to interest the spectators but the players themselves never fail to please the audience with their talent in the game. If there’s one thing all the pretty girl’s dream of it’s to date a football player. Marshawn Lynch was the running back in the National Football League. He played with the Buffalo Beatles and the Seattle Seahawks. He was one of the best players in the league and claimed glory in almost all the matches he played in.

Marshawn Terrel Lynch was born on 12th April, in the year 1986. His mother was even a record holder in the 200 its sprint event Oakland Technical High School, which happened to be where Marshawn did his schooling. He is from Oakland, California. He grew up with three siblings who were his most favourite childhood memories. Like all the other greats Lynch started at a very young age and entered the field of football. Football was not the only niche where Lynch had expertise but he also excelled in basketball, track, and wrestling. An amazing count on the number of touchdowns and rushing yards Lynch had successfully amassed revealed that he had 23 touchdowns and 1722 rushing yards in just eight regular seasons. That’s a pretty big number for only 8 regular games.

Marshawn Lynch Net Worth

In addition to this 372 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns were handled by him in 2 post-season games. Sprinting across the finish line was his most favourite track event with his personal best of 10.94s, in 100 meters dash as a senior. He also made his mark in other field events like high jump and long jump. He also claimed votes for Prep Star and Superprep all American and San Fransisco East player of the year.

He played in the NFL in the 2003 season making his debut touchdowns. University of California, Berkeley, had the privilege of Lynch doing his social welfare major there. Being the freshman he was the primary backup to J.J Arrington, who was a senior to him. After Arrington graduated in 2005, Lynch was the running back. In 2006, Las vegas bowl, Lynch had three touchdowns on 24 carries running a length of 194 yards. After this game, he was given the new name MVP, after the nickname he got in college, Money.

Lynch switched from number 24 to number 10, which was his high school number. After he changed numbers, he was lined up after his cousins Virdell Larkins and Robert Jordan, who had the numbers 9 and 11 respectively. It was in the preseason of 2006, Lynch earned his place in the list of awards for Maxwell award.

He was also claimed to be the 8th best player of the season, by the Sports Illustrated. After the season was over during spring break, he enrolled himself in the Cal Track and Field team. He made a personal best in the 60-meter dash event, recording a time of 6.98 seconds. A campaign by the Cal football program was launched in 2006, 22nd of July, for Lynch to win the 2006 Heisman trophy, which also included the inaugural of, which featured all footages and recordings that showcased the greatest achievements of Lynch in the previous seasons.

Scoring a game-winning touchdown against Washington, in overtime. This was the best run of his career, as he later said. Lynch also holds the record for most 100-yard rushing games, with a total of 17 in Cal school.

Marshawn Lynch Net Worth

His college nickname money suits best for his net worth and being an American running back player, his estimated net worth is $34 million. Playing for the Seattle Seahawks claimed the increase in his net worth. Apart from his excellence in football, he was also a star in track and field events at Oakland high school and also played basketball which also leveled up his income leading to his current net worth. His line up for various awards also made him one of the most admired players in almost every seasons he played. In fact, he hails from a family of professional footballers and that provided him strong ground to express his talent and move up in the income chart.

His powerful yard running and ability to tackle the receptions gave him his nickname “The Beast mode”, which is now a brand which retails sportswear and an apparel line. His fame in the football universe provided him with huge advantages and offered the best of opportunities. He appears in a cameo in the video game named “ Call Of Duty: Black Ops”. The beast mode made him well-liked by all the football fans and his retail stores are a huge support, after his retirement in 7th February of 2016, in the Superbowl 50.