LeBron James Net Worth 2019

Who is LeBron James and what is his net worth 2019? LeBron Raymone James or you can say LeBron James is an America-based professional basketball player and he plays for Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association. He is a brilliant basketball player and due to his brilliant efforts shown in the field, he has won a lot of awards and rewards. He has won 3 National Basketball Association Championships, He has four times won the award of NBA most valuable player, and he also has won three NBA finals MVP awards.

With it, he has also won two Olympic gold medals, one NBA scoring title and he has also won the NBA rookie of the year award. He has been selected to 13 NBA all-star teams, 12 All NBA teams and with it, he was selected for six All defensive teams. He is the all-time leading scorer for his team Cleveland cavaliers.

LeBron James Net Worth

As he is a professional basketball player and he is playing basketball for so many years with all the efforts, he must have earned a great amount as being the best player on his team he would have given a good amount as salary. So let’s just not wait more time and know about various unknown things about him, like his net worth and the precious assets that he owns.

Net Worth of LeBron James

As he is known as the best player of his team with his scoring ability, his salary amount would also be really good. And with a number of championships and other matches he has won, he certainly has fetched a huge amount in his account banks. He is endorsing plenty of brands too and has gathered quite a lot of money from those brands too.

The total net worth of this famous basketball player is approximate $500 million. With the speed, he is following his goals and with a number of efforts he is putting in his games, the amount will very soon be reaching $550 million. He is one of the few basket players all over the world, with such a huge net worth and it is all because of his basketball talent.

Having a net worth of $500 million, everyone would want to spend the money on something that he loves. And the same thing is followed by star basketball player LeBron as he is in love with speed and has shown his craze for speed by buying as many as 8 cars. He owns 8 cars and 7 of them are supercars that everyone wants to own. Here are the names of the cars that this superstar owns: Porsche Turbo, Jeep Wrangler, Chevrolet Camaro SS, Hummer H2, Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, Dodge Challenger SRT, Maybach 57S and Ferrari F430 Spider. These are all dream cars for an ordinary person and this famous player has owned it all.

LeBron has two houses where he lives in. One of this is called the coconut mansion, where he lives with his family. He bought this mansion for $9 million in the year 2010. This property is situated somewhere near Miami, Florida. It is spread in an area of 15000 Sq. Ft. The mansion has three fountains and rooms for two yachts to dock inside, six bedrooms and all the other luxurious facilities.

Everything in this mansion from the kitchen, bathroom to bedrooms are amazingly decorated and designed. The other house that the star has is in Akron, Ohio. As the star played for Cleveland Cavaliers, he bought a house near Cleveland which provided him lots of benefits. He bought the house back in the year 2003 for an amount of $2.3 million.

He bought the land of 5.6 acres in the above-mentioned amount and the house on the land covers a distance of 35,400 Sq. Ft. The house is really luxurious as it contains a casino, a barber shop, a theater and 11-bed rooms. It also has a grandmaster bedroom which is full of luxuries too.

Though LeBron is not able to spend much of a time with his family, yet he has made a mansion that where he spends a good quality time with his little family. Here is the detail of his family

• Gloria Marie James – Mother
• Savanna Brinson – Spouse
• Zhuri James – Daughter
• Bryce Maximus James – Son
• LeBron James Jr. – Son

So this was all about LeBron James, from the article, you all must have come to know that LeBron is a fun loving guy and doesn’t really care about the money that he spends.