Larry Bird Net Worth

Who is Larry Bird and how much his net worth? He is the most versatile basketball player the game ever had, though his life was full of excitement and harsh times but he succeeded all the thick and thins of life. Here is all what you ever wished to know about him as a fan;

Larry Joe Bird as his real name is was born to Georgia and Claude Joseph as on 7 December 1956 in West Baden Springs, Indiana. His mother was a homemaker though his father was a veteran of a war. His father was a drunk and due to which his mother divorced him and started a job in the nearby area French Lick where Joe was raised. He was the fourth of his siblings. Their parents had six biological children. His growing up stage was spent in poverty as his father was a drunk and Georgia had to work in order to take care of the basic needs of her kids. Joe in his biography mentioned that his childhood was his biggest motivation as he never wanted that to happen to his children.

Larry Bird Net Worth 2018-2019

When Larry was 18, his father divorced her mother and finally after some days he shot him dead as he was not able to give her the maintenance amount as well. Larry utilised ball as an escape from his family inconveniences, featuring for Springs Valley High School and averaging 31 focuses, 21 bounce back, and 4 helps as a senior on his approach to turning into the school’s unsurpassed scoring pioneer.

Larry wedded Dinah Mattingly in 1989. They have two adopted daughters, Conner and Mariah. Larry does have a biological daughter, Corrie, from his first marriage though he never calls her or asks for any favor. He has four siblings, Mike, Mark, Jeff, and Eddie, and a sister, Linda. Eddie additionally played ball at Indiana State from 1986 to 1990 and today is the city stop director at Terre Haute. He was hated for his thrash talks at the court where he was used to predicting that by how many goals his team will win and another team will lose because of which he was always hated by the opposite team.

Larry Bird Net Worth

It is reported that Larry is estimated to have a net worth of $52 million. After he opted to continue with Boston Celtics in the 1978 NBA Draft, he joined them in the year 1979 and began playing as a power and small forward. He spent his entire career playing for Boston Celtics. Once he got retired from Boston Celtics he joined Indiana Pacers as their coach. He indicated them beforehand that he will be coaching for three years only. He led his team successfully and the team won many matches under him.This successful performance bagged him the title of “Coach of the Year”. In his career, he was able to make $26 million just by his salary.

After Larry stepped down from the Indiana Pacer’s head coach job in 2000, he spent most of the time with his family. He has two businesses one a hotel and restaurant in Terre Haute and a car dealership group in Mantesville. Apart from these, he earns some amounts from the endorsement deals he had with Heinz corporation wherein he agreed to market their Boston market retail chain and line of frozen pot pies in the state.

He had also converted his house at french lick to a restaurant where NBA officials are catered for free. He wrote few books because of which he is earning a wholesome royalty. Books like “The story of my life”, Bird Watching; On playing and watching the game I love, Larry Bird; The Doer and teacher, “Bird meets magic to clinch NCAA title”, “the ghost of Larry Bird”. These are few books which Larry bird wrote and is on the shelf to be read by the common man and Larry’s fan.

Larry worked for NBA and bagged many awards and trophies for him. As a player, he won 3 NBA Championships in 1981,1984 and 1986 respectively.5 times he was voted as Most valuable player for the period of 1984-1986.He won 12 NBA All-star award. An award as the best rookie for the year as soon as he started playing for Boston Celtics. He bagged the most valuable award John R. Wooden Award in the year 1979. 1979 was actually the year which brought him fame and recognition as many awards were registered and won by him on the college level as well as on national level. Few such awards were Naismith College Player of the Year (1979), AP National Player of the Year (1979), Oscar Robertson Trophy (1979), Adolph Rupp Trophy (1979), NABC Player of the Year (1979), MVC Player of the Year (1978–1979).

As a coach, he won an award such as NBA All-star coach for the year 1998 and NBA coach of the year for 1998 for his guidance to Indiana pacers because of which they improved their game and registered the maximum number of game. He left his career as a player just because of his back injury.

Larry was an American professional basketball executive, former coach, and former player, last serving as president of the Indiana Pacers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is the only player in the history of NBA who has been named as “ Most Valuable Player”,”Coach of the Year” and Executive coach”. In short, Larry ensured to gain fame in comparison to money. He always went ahead to do what he loved to do rather what others wanted to do that why probably he succeeded in his career.