Kevin Durant Net Worth

Who is Kevin Durant and how much his net worth? Kevin Wayne Durant or you can say Kevin Durant is an America-based professional basketball player. He plays for Golden state Warriors for National Basketball Association. He has won many awards and rewards with his fantastic play. He has won an NBA most valuable player award, with it, he has managed to win four NBA scoring titles, another award was NBA rookie of the year and with it, he has won two Olympic gold medals.

He has been selected to 6 All-NBA teams and 8 All Stars teams. He joined Golden state warriors in the year 2016, before that he had been playing with Thunder. As professional basketball players playing under NBA earn a lot of money, same is followed by Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant Net Worth 2018-2019

With the amount that he earned from the games and the championships he wins, he makes money with several other ways which make him one of the richest basketball players of all time. Here is the net worth, and all the other things that a normal person should know about Kevin Durant:

Kevin Durant Net Worth

Most of the professional basketball players are very rich and carry a lot of net worth with them. This is a number of salaries that they get for their playing through different teams. Here in case of Kevin Durant, the case is same as he is having a net worth of around $130 million. This is the amount that he makes through the salary and contract amount that he gets from his team owners as well as the brand endorsements that he does for various brands. Overall as a basketball player, he is earning quite a good amount annually.

As we all know that the person who has money and is in his young ages would definitely be having the craze of speed. That speed can be achieved by buying expensive sports cars or expensive motorbikes. Here in case of Kevin Durant, he has shown his love for sports and other luxury cars. He owns four of them.

First of all, he bought a van at his early stages of playing basketball. Then he turned to a bit sports colors and bought a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Then after some time, he continued his craze for sports cars and he bought a red colored Camaro SS. He didn’t stop there, he had so much more to show the world about his car love and after all of them he bought a red colored Ferrari California.

For a person like Kevin, who is always busy in doing some kind of charity to poor people, we always want to know where he lives and what kind of house he has. Well, he has a big and lavishing house like all the big sports stars usually have. He has a house in Oklahoma City which is spread over an area of 5500 Sq. ft.

The house has five-bed rooms and four bathrooms. It also has every kind of facility that a sports person would need. There is a home theater attached to the house, which is expected from a classic person like Kevin. The Kitchen, The bedrooms and the interiors of the house, everything is just spell bounding. Every kind of amenity is available in his house.

Like all the other sports people, Kevin doesn’t get enough time to spend with his family. Even after having a busy schedule throughout the year, Kevin does his every effort to reach to his family for as long as possible. During his offseason, he sometimes skips the practice and spends a good amount of quality time with his father and mother. Kevin split with WNBA star Monica Wright in the year 2014 and it was said that the cause of the split was different religious beliefs. Here are the full family details of Kevin Durant:

• Father Name – Wayne Pratt
• Mother name – Wanda Durant
• Brother – Rayvonne Pratt
• Brother – Tony Pratt
• Sister – Brianna Pratt

So this was everything that one wanted to know about famous NBA basketball player Kevin Durant. His net worth is increasing year by year and with his fitness level still quite good, it seems he will fetch a good amount of money in the coming years.