Jordan Rodgers Net Worth

Who is Jordan Rodgers and what is his net worth 2018? Jordan Rodgers was born on August 30, 1988. He is an American commentator in the American Football. He was also one of the famous professional American football quarterbacks. In the start, he signed with Jacksonville Jaguars. He was called the undrafted free agent in 2013. Apart from this, he has also played as an amateur for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins, BC Lions of the Canadian Football League.

He was born in Chicago, Callifornia. He also has a brother who is in now Greenbay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. His another brother is Luke who is not related to American Football in any kind. He has done his schooling from Pleasant Valley High School and he started taking interest in American Football right from his high school.

Jordan Rodgers Net Worth

Jordan Rodgers Net Worth

TheĀ estimated net worth of Jordan Rodgers isĀ $2.2 million. He also made his money like his brother as an athlete. When he was in high school, he started playing American football and continued doing so even in the college.

Most of his net worth has come from his athlete playground. He has raised money when he was a professional American footballer and played as quarterbacks. Now, most of his yearly income comes from commentating on the games of American Football.

Apart from this, he has also appeared in many commercials but most of his side incomes include money from his Instagram account. He has around 500k followers on his Instagram account that fetches him a lot of money as well. He has also signed for many brand endorsements but this money has not appeared in our estimation as we did not know how much money he was paid for endorsing those brands.

He simply loves Chevrolet and Sony. So, most of his collection has these two brands. He owns a Chevvy but he also has been seen driving a Toyota car that was black in colour. Apart from this, he own TVs and music systems from Sony. He is much of a fanboy of Sony smartphones.

Jordan Rodgers as Business Model

Since most of his money comes from commentary for the American football, he also has given brand endorsements opportunities. He has also raised money from many talks shows and discussions related to the American Football. When he played for Jaguars, he was also raising a lot of money from the fee that has added to his net worth.

If you want to see him playing, then you should go with watching NFL 2013 Draft. He played for Jacksonville Jaguars. After his service for Jacksonville Jaguars, he was given retirement on July 22, 2013. Also, if you are interested in his commentary then one should not miss to watch his matches in which his brother played. He is very humorous and sarcastic when it comes to his brother owning the match of American Football for the Green Bay.

Jordan Rodgers has completed two years with his girlfriend JoJo. For making the moment special, he has taken her for the dinner where they spent an awesome and romantic candle dinner in a private five star suite. Jordan Rodgers is quite happy with his girlfriend Jojo and they are having an awesome love life together. Jojo was very happy as well when they appeared next day before the media and she confessed that she is in love with Jordan Rodgers.

Commentary is his special quality and he has been making American football more interesting than it ever was with his commentary skills. When his brother Aaron is playing American football professionally for the Greenbay, he is seen with his most special avatar that is humorous, sarcastic and witty. His handsome face and charming voice can give goosebumps to any American Footballer viewers. He is one of the most famous American Footballer commentator in the history of NFL. One should never miss him while watching a game of American Football with your brother and father.