Jon Jones Net Worth

Who is Jon Jones and What is his net worth? Jon Jones, born on July 19th, 1987 in Rochester, New York is widely regarded as one of the greatest Light Heavyweight Champion’s of our time. He grew up in New York and was influenced by his father, who was a wrestler in his time. He began his professional career when his high school girlfriend got pregnant with his daughter Leah, and he realised that he was not making enough money to support them. He then went on to make his MMA debut in April 2008. After only three months he managed to gather 6 impressive wins, which brought him to the attention of the UFC.

Jones made his UFC debut against Andre Gusmão, and won the match by a unanimous decision by the judges. In that match jones represented an unorthodox style of fighting with spinning elbows and a spinning back kick.

Jon Jones Net Worth 2018-2019

It was not to long after that match, in August 2011 that Jones went on to become the youngest ever Champion in UFC history, being only 23 at the time. What followed was one of the most successful title defences any light heavyweight champion has ever had. Jones defended his title 6 times, and was set to do it again against Anthony Johnson, but was sadly stripped of the title and suspended from the UFC on the 28th April 2015 due to his involvement in a hit and run case.

In such a short span of time, and even after all the setbacks he has faced in his career, Jon Jones has managed to have a spectacular career so far. He currently has the most submission victories in the Light Heavyweight division, and also has the longest win streak in the division.

Education: Jones was a state champion when he was at Union – Endicott High school, and also won a national JUCO championship at Iowa Central Community College. He also played football as a defensive linesman in his college days. After transferring to Morrisville state college, he dropped out to pursue his career in MMA. Since then, he has not opted to pursue a college degree which is predominantly due to success that’s befallen him after gaining stardom in UFC.

Jon Jones Net Worth

Jon jones is said to have a net worth of almost $11.5 million. Most of this money was earned during his impressive run in the UFC and through endorsements with famous sports brands such as Reebok. Jones had three fights in 2013 and 2014 which earned him a total of $1.25 million. This includes a $400,000 (per fight) fight fee, and a bonus of $50,000 for winning fight of the night in his fight with Alexander Gustafsson in September 2013.
The match with Alexander Gustafsson went on to win fight of the year at the World MMA Awards.

Jon jones reportedly put his house up for sale in the Town of Ithaca. The asking price for this plot is said to be $750,000. Jones would live in this house when he was training with Team BombSquad earlier in his career. He then moved to New Mexico and used to return to Ithaca from time to time.

Jon jones has earned most of his fortune in the UFC. Most of this comes through a standard fight fee of $400,000 which he would earn in fights during the years 2013 – 14. He is also endorsed by few sports brands, but no major deals have taken place due to interruptions. Winning his fights also gives him a bonus which contributes to his earnings.

John jones will end his ban from the UFC on 6th July 2017. With UFC 213 just around the corner, John Jones will in all probability make an appearance on the night. Though he will prefer to fight for the title, he may have to first fight Jimi Manuwa who is ranked fourth in the division, and is the only fighter in the top 5 yet to have a title shot. If this fight happens, it will be a must win for Jon Jones if he wants to fight the champion.

With age still on his side, It is about time the former champion puts all this behind him, and concentrates on getting his career back on track. The first step in doing so will be to get back the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship which is currently held by his long-time rival Daniel Cormier.

UFC 200 was all set to watch a potentially great fight between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. But just days before the fight Jones was pulled out due to doping allegations by the USADA.

But this was not the only time the former UFC champion got himself into trouble. Jones has claimed that he was on his way to signing a six-figure deal with Nike before the company pulled out due to his involvement in a brawl at a press conference with Daniel Cormier.