George Foreman Net Worth

Who is George Foreman and what is his net worth 2018? Former American professional boxer and two time heavyweight champion George Foreman was born on 10th January 1949 in Texas state of USA. Foreman is also a one time Olympic medallist having won the highest sports honour at the 1968 Summer Olympics. Foreman is biological son of Leroy Moorehead and was fostered by his mother and foster father J.D. Foreman.

Growing up amidst penury, Foreman’s life had a life of his hardships few could think of. Things did not get any better when he touched his youth and dropped out of school. His antics as troublemaker never kept him in the right side of the law either. It was the timely advance to Job Corp into his life that his life took hundred eighty degree turn. Foreman first started as amateur boxer with the help of a trainer and stunned the world winning an Olympic gold medal at the 1968 summer Olympics in less than three years after boxing at amateur level.

George Foreman Net Worth

In the following year, he turned pro getting valuable guidance from his trainer Dick Saddler. Foreman announced himself as the fearless fighter who was feared in the boxing ring. Rightly nicknamed Big George, the 192 meter tall pugilist won 12 of his bouts in 1970, 11 of them by knockout. He was soon seen as a monstrously built boxer with no mercy for his opponent.

His best show of domination has been the match against Joe Frazier that was billed as the match of two heavyweight “hall of famers”. Foreman demolished Joe Frazier by the virtue of technical knockout by flooring Frazier with a series of hard hitting jabs in just two rounds. The most challenging fight of his career came against none other than boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Titled, Rumble in the Jungle, the clash of these two heavyweights made both of them break a sweat. The fight was a bolt from the blue for Foreman with Ali using overtly aggressive approach knocking him brutally every now and again. Eventually it was Ali who ended Foreman’s juggernaut.

In the coming years, Foreman’s career reflected many comeback matches which turned out to be mixed bag. All in all, he has had two long periods of comeback, the second one being in the late 80’s.

George Foreman also became the oldest boxer to have won lineal heavyweight titles in 1997; he was 48 at the time.

George Foreman Net Worth

George Foreman aka Big George is also an ordained minister, entrepreneur and author. The retired boxer has a net worth of $320 million. Most of his earnings have not been contributed in his active presence as boxer. Foreman was a spendthrift who used up $5 million of his earnings to his flashy lifestyle that nearly got him bankrupt. George Foreman has used his successful billed boxer’s image to perfection which brought him home $137 million.

One of the most terrorising boxers to have entered the ring, George Foreman emerged as religious rites practitioner who also capitalised on his laurels earned in his heyday. In 1994, Foreman became the face of Salton Inc’s fat reducing grill that was named George Foreman Grill. This gave the company a major push to its image and also brought fortunes as the sales of the grill skyrocketed to 100 million units.

Besides being brand ambassador, Foreman is also a writer who has mostly penned books on cookery. The former American boxing pro has made few appearances both in TV and films.

The high on life boxer that Foreman was, it was well reflected in his marital life. He is married five times. Foreman first married Adrienne Calhounin in 1971; the alliance lasted just three years. His last marriage was to Mary Joan Martelly and he has been living with her in harmony ever since. In between, the other three women to take wedding vows with him are Cynthia Lewis (1977-79), Sharon Goodson (1981-82) and Andrea Skeete (1982-85). He is a father twelve children, seven of whom are daughters.

Olympic medalist George Foreman can amaze quite a few with few interesting facts.

• Freeman initially wanted to become a footballer and idolized Jim Brown.
• The heavyweight boxer started off as an amateur for the sheer lure of money he might earn fighting inside the ring.
• In his gold medal winning fight at the Olympics, he defeated Soviet Union boxer Jonas Cepulis. The fight lasted for two rounds that had Cepulis bleeding in the first round itself.
• All his five sons have been named George. He reasoned this stating that he wanted “something in common” among all his sons.
• George Freeman is a lover of horses and raises quite a few of them himself.
• Two of the most favorite cars of George Freeman are his Rolls Royce and a custom made Lincoln intercontinental.
• He is a humanitarian associated with Red Cross that lays support on those facing losses in natural calamities and state waged wars. He also runs Bony Pony Ranch, a non-profit organisation. Along with its founder Dr. Frank Ryan, the charity aims at creating future leaders by helping children grow in healthy atmosphere coupled with positive influence.