Gabby Douglas Net Worth 2019

Who is Gabby Douglas and what is her net worth 2019? Gabby Douglas is a 22-year old African American female to ever win the individual gymnastics all round event. In addition to that she has also won various medals for America. These include medals that she won in the 2016 and 2012 Summer Olympics. She was born in Virginia Beach in 1995. She began her gymnastic career at the age of six and had already won a state championship at the age of 8.

She is a talented gymnast who later left home in 2010 to pursue her career. She was under the tutelage of a world-renowned Olympic trainer Liang Chow, who helped her train with The US women’s gymnastics team for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Gabby Douglas Net Worth


She made her debut on the national scene by being fourth in the all-round event. This, however, did not dampen her spirit because she went ahead to get a silver at the 2010 US Junior National Championship. At the 2010 Pan American Championship, Gabby took the first place on the uneven bars title. This earned her a name as the “flying squirrel”. She then went ahead to become the first African American to win gold in the games. Her trainer was known for moulding other famous gymnasts like Shawn Johnson who also became a gold medallist. She was sheltered by Travis and Missy Parton who volunteered to be her host family. In the Family she was regarded as the big sister to Travis’ four daughters.

Net Worth of Gabby Douglas

At just the age of 20 it was reported that Gabby’s net worth about $3.5 million. It is expected that her value is going to increase as she continues to compete in many competitions. She has also managed to generate about $100 million in terms of endorsements. However, it is reported that her net worth is a constant source of dispute within her family. It is reported that her estranged father and her mother are involved in a tug of war over her money.

Both of them want Gabby by their side due to her vast riches. However, it is not clear whether Gabby has bought a house or whether she drives around luxurious cars given her wealth and age. Gabby’s mother is called Natalie Hawkins while her estranged father is known as Timothy Douglas. It is reported that the rift began when Gabby failed to buy tickets for her father and his family to watch her compete at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Gabby Douglas family consists of three other siblings which include her brother Jonathan Douglas and sisters Joyelle Douglas and Arielle Douglas. Despite the quarrel between her parents, Gabby Douglas other family members keep a low profile and avoid public spotlight. Gabby has a good relationship with her other siblings and often hangs out with them whenever she finds time.

Although relations within her family are strained, Gabby tries to make a contribution for the welfare of her family. It is hard to come from a broken family but this is not a reason why anybody should not excel in life. This is what has inspired Gabby Douglas to make use of her talent to make something out of herself. This was a personal decision she made for herself and one that was largely fuelled by the situation in her home.

Gabby has her own autobiography known as Grace, Gold, and Glory: My Leap of Faith in 2012. She also features on a television movie about her life which was aired in 2014 by Lifetime. Also, in 2016, the Oxygen channel premiered the reality TV show known as Douglas Family Gold which followed on Douglas’ family. Gabby is also known for her new pet project of the Barbie Shero doll.

The Shero Barbies is a line-up of impressive women from different backgrounds who have exhibited great talent and brought honour to themselves. The latest Barbie Shero personifying Gabby has become a great campaign for its Makers. A campaign that allows young girls to have a vision of greatness in whatever profession they choose to undertake. The Barbies signify female heroes who act as role models to young girls to break limits and expand their possibilities in any undertaking.