Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2019

Who is Floyd Mayweather and what is his net worth 2019? Floyd Joy Sinclair popularly known as Floyd Mayweather Jr is a retired professional boxer who represented USA in the featherweight division in the Atlanata Olympics 1996 and won a bronze medal for his country. Widely acclaimed as one of the greatest in the game ,Floyd Mayweather remained undefeated in a professional career which spanned from 1996 to 2015.

Early Life

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on February 24, 1977, in a family of boxers Mayweather’s early life saw a lot of hardships and hurdles which he eventually overcame to become what he is today. He is definitely a proud son of his mother Deborah Sinclair but unfortunately Mayweather quite didn’t like her being on drugs as he confessed many times. His father Floyd Mayweather Sr , a welterweight contender fought Sugar Ray Leonard a hall of fame boxer, while one of his uncles Roger Mayweather who later became his trainer went on to win two world championships.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Mayweathers relation with his father strained because his father allegedly got involved in drugs and had to abandon Floyd at his grandmothers. Floyd reminisces of the times he had to live with his family in a single room without electricity with pity and disdain and blames his father for not taking enough care of his family. But these hardships helped him become more determined and the will power that it helped instill in him to become one of the finest in the game of boxing.

Education: Books were never a thing for such a great boxer. He has been a born fighter. Mayweather attended Ottawa Hills High School, but since he was totally into boxing by then, he decided to dropout and pursue boxing fulltime. After high school, he does not really have an alma mater to name. Education for him has been the ups and downs in the game. Education for him was the perseverance and control that he learnt in the ring. Today, his name is hailed as one of the greatest names in the glittering pages of history because Mayweather believed in real education rather than just being able to read and write.

Net Worth of Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has an estimated net worth of $430 million. There is no dearth of awards accolades and riches when we talk about Floyd Mayweather Jr. He has frequently been in the 50 highest paid athletes list prepared by Forbes and Sports Illustrated .Also nicknamed as “Money Mayweather” for frequently showing off bundles of cash on social media Floyd Mayweather is believed to be worth around $650 million. His most talked about fight was with Manny Pacqiao which happened in May 2015 which alone generated $600 million and Mr Mayweather went home raking in around $220 million from that fight.

Mr Mayweather has never held back when splashing out money on buying properties. According to a report he owns a $1.5 million house in Sunny Isles Beach and a $2.5 million condo at the Ritz Carlton Residences in LA apart from his recent buy a$7.7 million five bedroom Miami Mansion that apparently has a floating staircase.

Mayweather also reportedly owns around 100 cars which include Bentley Mulsanne, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari Enzo, McLaren 650s and various models of Mercedes and BMW.

These flashy cars are a million dollar dream for many across the globe. But Mayweather surely has earned it with zeal and hard work. No doubt that he truly deserves all the wealth that he has. All his property is nothing but a tangible example of his diligence and tenancy towards what he loves the most, boxing.

Besides making money from fights Mayweather has had big brands in his pocket throughout his boxing career. The likes of Burger King, Hublot and Nike have not shied away when it came to showering money on Mr Money. Besides, he has endorsed many big and small brands and wealth has travelled all the way to him. His glory is so much so that business dealings have never been a problem for him. However, Mayweather has made sure that the sheen of wealth never dims his game and his spirit.

It has also been reported by The Sun from United Kingdom that Mr Mayweather has not yet hung his boots and the story floating around is that he might make a comeback taking up a challenge against UFC champion Conor McGregor. The temptation to rake in more moolah the seduction of glory and the ring might be more than enough for Floyd Mayeather to resist and if he decides to make a comeback oh! What a lip smacking spectacle we the mortals would get to witness.

It is no secret that resilience, perseverance, survival instinct and inner strength are what separate a champion from a mere mortal. Floyd Mayweather Jr. personifies these words and gives hope to anybody who is ready to push the limits and endure a struggle that is life. A self-motivated and driven sportsperson, Floyd has always stayed true to his roots. His steadfastness and staying power has stimulated and influenced all especially aspiring boxers. This God father is a kindle and a spur on how things are done when it has to be done.

His presence alone has galvanised the rise of many boxers from different nations. His legacy is not only a trigger but an uplifting tale of grit and mettle. Closing this little envelope with a remarkable quote that Mayweather had himself said once, “If you work good, you are going to get paid well very well for it. Simple as that, that’s how life goes. If you work hard, you are going to get good results. If you bullshit, you are going to be at the bottom with a bunch of people that are at the bottom”.

Must say, coming from the legend himself, it surely is hard hitting and pierces straight into the heart. This star champion has spent most part of his life ‘working’ to maintain the sheen of his being. So the question remains is, what are we still waiting for? It’s time to learn, pull up our socks and get to work already.