David Beckham Net Worth

Who is David Beckham and what is his net worth 2018? Born on 2nd May 1975 in Leytonson in London, David Beckham is indeed a successful player in football. His parents, David Edward Alan and Sandra Georgina Beckham supported him immensely to pursue his dreams in the sport he was passionate for. He got his share of fame in the year 2003 when he was named England’s Player of the Year.

Here is something you need to know about his personal life and relationships. David Beckham is happily married to the glamorous former Spice Girl namely Victoria Adams. The couple is extremely committed to each other till date and has been blessed with three sons. According to sources on internet, they are currently living in Beverly Hills .In one of his latest interviews, David Beckham credited the reasons of his success to his family whom he sees as major source of inspiration.

David Beckham Net Worth

Education: Did you know that Beckham attended Chase Lane Primary School and Chingford Foundation School as a young boy? His keen interest in the sport can be traced back to his early childhood days. He used to participate in innumerable youth sports clubs and even went on to attend Bobby Charlton’s football school in Manchester which gave him a chance to showcase his skills in a better way.

He won a ticket to train at FC Barcelona which embarked the road to his success. Beckham also attended Bradenton Preparatory Academy. Apart from his professional career as a sports star, he is also known for his association with Manchester, Red Madrid and other European teams.

Here is everything you need to know about his professional performances. He captained England 59 times and occupies the 4th position after Bobby Moore, Bryan Robson and Billy Wright.Did you know he is the only English player to have scored in three world cups? Also, he is also made him only the fifth player in World Cup history to score twice from a direct free kick. The other four were Pelé, Roberto Rivelino, Teófilo Cubillas, and Bernard Genghini.

David Beckham Net Worth

David Beckham’s net worth is approximately around $475 Million. Did you know that he is second highest paid athlete after Michael Jordan? Yes, you heard it right.There are varied reasons for his increased net worth but what tops the list is his position as a successful footballer. Also, David Beckham remains a popular face when it comes to world of advertisements. David Beckham is associated with some of the most popular brands of the world which include H&M, Breitling watches, Haig Club whisky, Sainsbury’s, Armani and Gillette, Adidas, Samsung and last but not the least, Coty.

You would be amazed to know that he accumulates about $42 Million every year by endorsing for reputed brands of the world. He is also a charity man and associated with charitable organisations like PSY Children. Apart from that, his stunning looks and confident personality add to his increased net worth.

Recently, David Beckham left his fans awestruck when they saw his latest pictures on instagram. David Beckham had shared some of his pictures from behind the scenes for Guy Ritchie’s new King Arthur film. The film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is soon to be released coming May and you can expect some charming faces except David Beckham.

Charlie Hunnam is playing the role as Arthur whereas Judith Law is playing a supporting role in the movie. According to media reports and sources on internet, David Beckham is a “disgruntled knight” in the movie. His photos uploaded on instagram displeased the people as his completely transformed look with rotten teeth and facial scars have not been appreciated by many.

What makes him stand out in the crowd among hundreds of football player is his unconquerable will to perform better with every passing match. He holds the potential to achieve indefeasible feats in the sport of his interest. Also, with breathtaking performances and consistency, it won’t be wrong to call him the God of Football. His exceptional skills have helped him to make a unique mark in the world of football.

This iconic personality will definitely become a legend figure down the history. Apart from his extraordinary and captivating football match performances, he is indeed a down-to-earth human being also.