Trey Parker Net Worth

Who is Trey Parker and what is his net worth 2018? Trey Parker is a producer and director who has also appeared in various movies. He is also a singer and songwriter. He was interested in music and film since he was a child. He is the co-creator of ‘South Park’ with his partner Matt Stone. Together, they have also worked for the 1999 movie ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut’. He also teamed up with Stone to create their own production company called ‘Important Studios’. He has won various awards and has produced many TV series like ‘Team America: World Police’. He has also worked as a screenwriter, voice artist and musician.

Randolph Severn “Trey” Parker III was born October on 19, 1969, in Conifer, Colorado. He was born to parents Sharon and Randolph “Randy” Parker. His mother worked in the capacity of a saleswoman and his father was a geologist. As a child, he used to idolise Monty Python. When he was in sixth grade, he wrote a sketch called ‘The Dentist’ and was seen in his school’s various talent shows. At the age of 14, he started making short films during weekends. His father gifted him a video camera and he used to make films with his friends. This continued until he completed his graduation.

Trey Parker Net Worth

He was also interested in music and used to write and record musical comedy. He has also designed sets and performed as a chorus member. Apart from that, he also used to play piano and used to do a part-time job in Pizza Hut. In 1988, he graduated from his high school and then he went to Berklee College of Music. He got transferred to the University of Colorado where he used to take a film class. At this time, he met Matt Stone and the two merged as a partner. His first film was Giant Beavers of Southern Sri Lanka in 1989. And this was followed by many short films.

Trey Parker got married to Emma Sugiyama in 2006. The couple got separated in 2008. He then married Boogie Tillmon and has a daughter with her born in 2013.

In 1992, Trey Parker teamed up with Stone and two other friends and found a company called ‘Avenging Conscience’. Their first production was ‘Jesus vs. Frosty’. They also sis other trailers and raised $125,000 for shooting their new film. The film ‘Alferd Packer: The Musical’ was sold for $1 million to Troma Entertainment. With the success of the film, the group moved to Los Angeles. Parker and Stone then worked on ‘South Park’ which premiered in August 1997.

It went on to become one of the most successful shows on cable TV. The duo became celebrities and started to work on other films and TV series. In June 1999, they released their film ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut’ and it grossed over $83 million. In the late 1990s, the made several TV shows on Comedy Central like ‘Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics’ and ‘Chef Aid: The South Park Album’. They also successfully did other shows in the 2000s like ‘Team America: World Police’, and the Broadway ‘The Book of Mormon’. In June 2017, he led his voice to the animated movie ‘Despicable Me 3’.

In 2012, Trey Parker won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. He has also won an Academy Award nomination in 2000. He has won 5 Primetime Emmy Awards and has won the 2013 Annie Awards. He is also the recipient of Chicago Film Critics Association Awards and Florida Film Festival.

Trey Parker Net Worth

Trey Parker has achieved critical and commercial success with his team mate Matt Stone. He has created a number of shows and has also won many awards. By doing so, he has made good money in his career. Trey Parker’s net worth is an estimated $450 million. This wealth also comes from his acting career and by letting his voice. His series ‘South Park’ has let him earn millions in his career. For the series ‘That’s My Bush’, he used to get a $1 million for a single episode. His contract with Comedy Central in 2007 along with Stone was $75 million. His mansion in Los Angeles is valued at $13 million.

Trey Parker is a libertarian. He is a firm believer of God. He has won the Silver Medal in the Student Academy Awards in 1993.