Tom Selleck Net Worth 2019

Who is Tom Selleck and what is his net worth 2019? An American actor and film producer, Tom Selleck is widely known as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator in the television series Magnum, P.I.(1980–1988). Before he got into the movie industry, he was serving the United States arms and had on top posts of Sargent in Army National Guard, California’s 1st Battalion, 160th Infantry during the year from 1963 to 1973.

Thomas has been appeared in more than 50 movies and television shows and he had been the primary cast member of CBS’s drama ‘Blue Bloods’ as NYPD commissioner. Some of his popular movies includes, Runaway(1984), Three Men and a Baby(1987), Three Men and a Little Lady(1990), Mr. Baseball and Christopher Columbus: The Discovery in 1992, In & out(1997), The love letter(199) and TV movies like Jesse Stone started from 2006 and still running till the date.

Early Life

Thomas William Selleck was born on January 29, 1945, in Detroit, Michigan, United States and currently 72 years old. Thomas Selleck graduated from Grant High School, in 1962 and he attended the University of Southern California on his basketball scholarship while he was working as the model. Moreover, he started learning acting at Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Tom Selleck Net Worth

Starting year of his life during 1963 to 1973, he served in 160th Infantry Regiment of the California Army National Guard. He first appeared in The Dating Game in 1965 and 1967 again and he also made his alliance in commercials like Pepsi and Coca-Cola. He started his acting career with a bit smaller roles in television movies, commercials and television shows such as The seven minutes, Coma and Myra Breckinridge. Finally, in 1980, he appeared in Universal Studios Magnus P.I. portraying the role of Thomas Magnum a private investigator.

Net Worth of Tom Selleck

Thomas is currently the long serving actor and movie producer in the film industry with working in more than 50 movies and television shows. According to the richest, the estimated net worth of this army cadet, film actor, and producer is staggering $47 million with an annual income of $1.5 million. In 1980, Bonus given by Universal Studios for the 8th and final season of Magnum P.I. was about $350,000 US dollars.

Once, for illegal use of the district’s hydrant water for his Hidden Valley ranch he was charged $21,685.55 as the settlement. Though earning from the other movies and television shows are still unknown. His net worth increased considerably after 1980 getting an appearance in Magnus P.I and movies like Runaway, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery and Mr. Baseball. Though his earning from endorsing the brands like Pepsi-Cola and other fashion brands is in million Dollars.

When it comes house, he has the summer home in Jonesboro, Maine and two homes in California. His cool Los Angeles villa valued more than $4 million US dollars with facilities like gaming room, swimming pool, office space and all other. When it comes t car there are no official details available about him.

Thomas waa born to a mother, Martha Selleck ( née Jagger) a housewife and Robert Dean Selleck, who was an executive and real estate, investor. Thomas has an elder brother named Robert, a younger sister named Martha, and a younger brother named Daniel. When it comes to a relationship, Thomas is currently married to beautiful Jillie Mack and have two children with her named Kevin Selleck a son and Hannah Margaret Selleck daughter.

Though in his early life he dated girls such as Jacqueline Ray(1970, Tom married to model Jacqueline Ray and adopted her son, Kevin. The marriage lasted 12 years until their divorced in 1982), Lillian Müller & Kitten Natividad. He likes to hang out with close friends like Len Cariou and Burt Reynolds.

He is currently working on television movie Jesse Stone: Night Passage and producing movies. Though he is sports lover and instead of going to the gym he loves to workout in his Avocado farm.

Tom Selleck Awards and Nomination

* Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1986.
* Emmy Award (1984): Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
* People’s Choice Award – 1985 Favorite Male TV Performer
* Golden Globe Award (1985) – Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series-Drama

Thomas Selleck is the most appreciated and accepted movie producer and actor who has also served the nation during earlier stages of his life.