Todd Chrisley Net Worth 2019

Who is Todd Chrisley and what is his net worth 2019? Best known for his comedy and sarcasm, Michael Todd Chrisley was born on April 6, 1969, in Georgia, USA. He is a famous comedy actor and producer who is best known for his show “Chrisley Knows Best” which was aired in 2014 and Steve Harvey aired in 2012. Additionally, his show “E! Live from the Red Carpet” which aired in 1995 gained immense popularity during that time.

No doubt, Todd Chrisley is a talented actor and producer but because of his luxurious habits, he spent more than he earned. And a result it invited legal lawsuits against him. His absolute no regard for taxes and over-expenditure habits resulted in his downfall. Let’s check out his net worth and other details regarding his life and career.

Todd Chrisley Net Worth

Net Worth of Todd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley’s net worth is estimated $5.8 million. No doubt, his questionable style of living and spending landed him in lots of trouble that he is unable to solve till date. Since his income has become less than his expenditure, he took massive loans from the bank and other sources to satisfy his extravaganza living style. Chrisley’s net worth dropped from whopping $100 million to less than $5 million in less than 7 years. If his living standards could be improvised and his income increased, his total net worth can increase as well. Currently, he has these following dues to various agents:

• Outstanding house mortgage- $12 million
• Taxes and charges overdue- $5 million
• A loan on his present wife’s name- $4 million

Also, it is reported that he has over $50 million debt from other unknown sources. His so-called lavish spending has made sure that he is bankrupt in all ways. Even people trying to help him out of his situations get accused as well. Even under the immense pressure of loans, Todd had undergone Plastic surgeries of various body parts.

Todd’s spending habits are extraordinary. His lifestyle can be best described as “ghetto fabulous” or highly flamboyant lifestyle. His assets include a big mansion of 30,000 sqft. Set in the highly luxurious environment. Although his family is well-aware of all the loans and tax overdue, still they spend arms and legs on making their living extremely luxurious. To maintain their luxurious lifestyles the 47-year-old has some questionable spending habits. His family lived in a lavish 30,000-square foot mansion. Initially, his shows funded for his luxurious living. His shows still fund but in today’s time, it’s not enough high luxury.

Todd has no business reported under his name. The only profession he chose and liked to work is acting and producing. His acting skills are highly appreciated by eminent personalities. Even his shows have some decent number of viewers all across the US. Acting has been his passion since childhood and soon after his schooling, Todd spent time on acting. After increasing his fame as an actor, Todd moved on to produce few shows. Shows weren’t a hit but had some decent amount of followers resulting in some steady influx of profit.

Till date, he had done few projects, but his show “Chrisley knows best” had been quite successful that the rest. This show has 5 seasons and is a family drama, a comedy show that has a good number of viewers. It depicts the life of Todd Chrisley, a real estate businessman and his family and everyday life. An interesting fact is that all the characters in the show are the real. Regardless of the fact that Chrisley is bankrupt, “Chrisley knows best” went ahead making a good amount of profit since it was first aired in the year 2014.

Chrisley family is quite flamboyant like him. His family includes:

His spouse- Julie Chrisley

His children- Lindsie, Grayson, Chase, Kyle and Savannah Chrisley.

He married Julie in the year 1996 after divorcing Teresa. It was reported that he had abused her for which she went for a divorce. Lindsie and kyle were the children of Teresa and Todd.

Todd Chrisley is the so-called culminate patriarch of a lavish family. Whatever it may be Chrisleys have too many controversies surrounding them. Always entangled in lawful issues and debates, the family is altogether different than the picture they anticipate on their show.