Tim Allen Net Worth

Who is Tim Allen and what is net worth of him? Comedy is one of the many genres which always interests people by making them laugh at even the simplest jokes. Although there are many clubs and shows that feature stand up comedians, the artists who appear on TV are well known and are admired by many people. The comedies that take their toll in the movies are always considered as better comebacks than the live shows. One among the many comedians in the film industry is Tim Allen. He is well known for his appearances and is majorly famed for his role as the Toolman Taylor in the TV show Home Improvement which was popular in the late 20th century. He has also appeared in many films and is popular for each role he did.

He is from Denver, Colorado, born to the couple Martha Catherine and Gerald M Dick. He was born on 13th June of 1953, as the third of five sons. His father was in the real estate business. He unfortunately lost his father in a car accident when he was just 11 years old. Two yars passed by and his mother was married to a business executive who was her high school crush. She moved with her children to Birmingham, Michigan which is a suburb of Detroit to start her new life with her new husband. He had three children.

Tim Allen Net Worth 2018-2019

Allen did his schooling in the Seaholm High school. At school he was into theatre and music classes due to his love of classical piano. He then attended Central Michigan University, but then got transferred to Western Michigan University. There he worked at the student radio station. He majored in B.Sc Communications specializing in radio and television production in 1972. He also got a split degree in Philosophy and Design. The University awarded him with a Honorary Fine arts degree and a Distinguished Alumni award.

His career as a comedian started in the year 1975, which all started as a dare from his friends that made him participate in the comedy show at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, which was also a suburb of Detroit. He began gaining attention from the locals as he featured in local TV shows and cable comedy shows such as “Some Semblance of Sanity” by Gary Thinson. He then became a regular performer at the Comedy Store after he moved to Los Angeles. He also began to appear in stand-ups and other live performances on late night talk shows and specials vintage shows late at night.

Although his acting talent was limited which was also accepted by him, he climbed the steps of fame for his acting roles in Home Improvement, on ABC”s sitcom, which was produced by Wind Dancer Productions. It was in this show he did his role as Tim “The Toolman Taylor” which claimed him lots of glory. He was also seen simultaneously starring in the highest grossing film of the year 1994, titled Disney’s “The Santa Claus”.

Subsequent to the hit, he also gave voice for the animated blockbuster “Toy Story”as the Buzz Lightyear. In 1998, he voiced the same Buzz for the second part of the series. This part was a huge hit, a critical and financial one, which gained support which went off-charts. One year before the 21st century, he appeared in the science fiction parody, titled “Galaxy Quest”, along with Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickwell, Sam Rockwell.

A reprise of the Scott Santa Claus Calvin was seen in the year 2002, in the Santa Claus part 2 movie. With two years passed away he again starred in the film “Christmas With The Cranks” as Luther Krank. He then started narrating Pure Michigan TV radio commercials on behalf of Travel Michigan Agency. These were being heard all over the Midwest and then it was telecast nationally.

He was the host for “8th Annual TV Land Awards” in 2010. He also became the official voice of the car company Chevrolet, in the same year. Since 2011 he starred in another ABC sitcom called “The Last Man Standing” which was basically a stand-up comedy show and based on roasting.

Tim Allen Net Worth

One of the most ironical situations in being comedian is a stage where people laugh at the comedian rather than their jokes. This is when he or she goes bankrupt or the jokes don’t work anymore or the very aspect of comedy doesn’t suit the performer. But Tim being extremely talented kept up his career in a good state and in now worth around $88 million. His appearances in big blockbuster movies also claimed him fame.

On the whole Tim did very well from childhood and was good at his career as a comedian. Surprisingly this career started with a dare and did well from the scratch. His sense of humour is unique and that’s a pointer that helped him attract audience. And his appearances in films and other talk shows gave him a rise to fame. At the age of 53 he still is one among the best comedians.