Robin Quivers Net Worth

Who is Robin Quivers and what is her net worth 2018? Robin Quivers is a radio personality who is best known to be the co-host of the show called ‘The Howard Stern Show’. She is also an actress and author. She has penned two books in her career, the first being ‘Quivers: A Life’ in 1995. Prior to becoming a radio personality, she has served in the United States Air Force and was given the rank of a captain. She has been hosting radio shows for over three decades. She has been referred as an un-afraid woman who has been working in an atmosphere dominated by males.

Robin Ophelia Quivers was born in Pikesville, Maryland on August 8, 1952. She is the daughter of Charles Quivers, Sr. and Lula Louise Quivers. Her father used to work at Bethlehem Steel and her mother was a housekeeper and homemaker. She has a brother named Charles Jr. and 2 adopted brothers named Howard and Harry. Both her parents completed their education till seventh grade. Robin Quivers has revealed that she has been a victim of child sex abuse.

Robin Quivers Net Worth

Despite all the odds, she went to the University of Maryland and earned a degree in nursing in 1974. Her first job was at the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System. In 1975, she joined the US Air Force and was given the grade of a second lieutenant. In 1978, she got the rank of a captain. She was a member of the United States Air Force Reserve till 1990 despite not being active on duty.

In the 1990s, Rob Quivers was in a relationship with Tony, who was mysteriously referred as “Mr. X” on the radio. The couple separated in 2007. In June 2007, she followed a strict vegetarian diet to lose 27 kilos in a period of six months. She was asked by Jim Florentine to date with him in August 2007. Her hobbies include race car driving and has competed in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in 2007, where she finished at the 14th place.

In 1979, Robin Quivers enrolled at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland in Baltimore. She also used to work in a hospital. Following that, she landed her first radio job at WIOO in the position of newscasting in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This was followed by working for WCMB. Following that, she returned to Baltimore to work as a reporter for WFBR, she also used to read newscasts with DJ Johnny Walker.

In 1986, she was recruited by Howard Stern for the show called ‘The Howard Stern Show’. She was the host of the show on radio and the executive producer of the show was Gary Dell’Abate. She has been continuing to host the show till date. In 1995, Robin Quivers released her first book entitled ‘Quivers: A Life’. She underwent a breast reduction surgery in 1990. Her second book was released in 2014.

In 2014, Robin Quivers won the ‘Outstanding Literary Work-Instructional Award’ at the 45th NAACP Image Awards. She received the award for writing her second book in 2014.

Robin Quivers Net Worth

Robin Quiver started her career by working as a nurse. She is a trained nurse from the University of Maryland. She has found the immense show by hosting the show ‘The Howard Stern Show’ on WWDC. In doing so, she has gone on to accumulate good wealth for herself. Robin Quivers’ net worth is an estimated $50 million.

She owes this fortune to all the years she spent as a host on the show ‘The Howard Stern Show’. She is also an author and has released two books. Previously she was in the military and has acquired several ranks when in there. Quivers was recruited as a second lieutenant and soon she was promoted to the first lieutenant. She was in the army till 1990 and got released in the rank of a captain.

Robin Quivers currently lives in Manhattan, New York City. Following her surgery in 2012, Quivers used to do commentary from her home in New York through an ISDN line. She left the show for 17 months and returned back to it in October 2013. She has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer.