Robert De Niro Net Worth

Who is Robert De Niro and what is his net worth 2018? Robert Anthony De Niro is a legendary Oscar-winning actor who has starred in films like ‘Taxi Driver,’ ‘Raging Bull,’ ‘Awakenings,’ ‘The Intern,’ and ‘The Godfather: Part II.’ He is also a producer and director. He has both Italian and American citizenship.

Robert was born on August 17, 1943, in New York City. He has worked with many acclaimed directors like Elia Kazan, Martin Scorsese, and Brian DePalma. Robert won the Academy Awards for The Godfather: Part II (1974), and Raging Bull (1980). He made many critically acclaimed films like The Deer Hunter (1978), Silver Linings Playbook (2012), New York, New York (1977), Goodfellas and Analyze.

Robert De Niro Net Worth

Robert was born to Virginia Admiral and Robert De Niro Sr. Both his parents were painters. His mother Virginia Holton Admiral was born on February 4, 1915. She was an American artist and poet. She had studied under Hans Hofmann in New York at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her works were included in the art collection of Peggy Guggenheim. His father Robert De Niro Sr was an American abstract expressionist painter.

He was born on May 3, 1922, in Syracuse, New York. He studied at the Black Mountain College under the guidance of Josef Albers. He also studied with Hans Hofmann at the Provincetown, Massachusetts summer school. The couple met in Hofmann’s summer school and got married in 1942. They divorced when Robert was two, and De Niro Sr announced he was gay. He put up a series of solo exhibitions in the 1950’s.

De Niro is of Italian and Irish descent from his father’s side and of German, French, Dutch, and English ancestry from his mother’s side. His mother raised him in the Greenwich Village and Little Italy in Manhattan. His mother took up work as a typesetter and printer to support her son. Robert. De Niro Sr lived near Robert, and he spent a lot of time growing up with his dad. His mother was Presbyterian but became an atheist as an adult while his father was a lapsed Catholic. Robert’s grandmother baptised him against his parents’ wishes as a child.

Robert was an active child and loved attending movies with his father. He was impressed by Swedish actress Greta Garbo. De Niro was uninterested in school, and in his teens, he joined an Italian street gang who named him “Bobby Milk, because of his pale completion. The gang provided him experience to portray Italian mobsters accurately in movies.

At the tender age of 10, Robert made his stage debut as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. In 1960 Robert De Niro decided to drop out of high school to study acting after some soul searching. De Niro took the money his mother had saved for his education and put it toward his acting career. At the age of 20, Robert appeared in Brian De Palma’s 1963 film The Wedding Party. It was his first movie role. He gained popularity for his role as a dying Major League Baseball player in the movie Bang the Drum Slowly in 1973.

In 1974, De Niro established himself as one of the finest actors in the world. He won an Academy Award for portraying the character of Vito Corleone in The Godfather: Part II. He also learned Sicilian for this role. De Niro delivered the most chilling performance of his career by playing the vengeful cabbie Travis Bickle in the movie Taxi Driver. He gave another chilling performance in the movie The Deer Hunter in 1978. His other timeless performances were in Raging Bull, The King of Comedy, Once and Upon a Time in America, Brazil, and Midnight Run.

In 1987, De Niro portrayed gangster Al Capone in ‘The Untouchables.’ ‘Goodfellas’ was yet another movie in which he was a gangster. His role in Awakenings, earned him an Oscar. In the 1991 Robert played a tattooed rapist who stalks a family in the remake of ‘Cape Fear.’ Fear earned the legendary actor his sixth Academy Award nomination.

In the 90’s De Niro starred in Heat , The Fan , Sleepers , Wag the Dog , Jackie Brown , Ronin and Flawless . He was the President of the Jury at the 15th Moscow International Film Festival in the year 1987. In the 2000’s De Niro played Master Chief Billy in the film Men of Honor. He also hosted a documentary about the 9/11 attacks on CBS. He featured in Stardust in 2004 and played the role of Jack Byrnes in Meet the Fockers .

De Niro announced in June 2006 that he would donate his film archives to the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas. He played the role of Senator John McLaughlin in the action movie Machete (2010). Some of his recent movies are Stone (2010), Killer Elite (2011), Limitless (2011), Manual d’amore 3 (2011), and New Year’s Eve (2011).

De Niro married Diahnne Abbott, in the year 1976. She is an American actress and singer. She played supporting roles in movies during the 1970’s and 1980’s. They have a son together called Raphael. He is a former actor who works in the New York real estate sector. Robert has also adopted Abbott’s daughter Drena De Niro. They divorced in 1988 after 12 years together.

He also has twin sons with former model Toukie Smith named Aaron Kendrick and Julian Henry De Niro from a surrogate mother in 1995. The twins were conceived by in vitro fertilisation. De Niro married Grace Hightower in 1997. They have two children together. Elliot, their son, was born in 1998 and a daughter Helen Grace born via surrogate in 2011. Elliot has autism. Robert also has four grandchildren.

In October of 2003, Robert De Niro was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He underwent treatment for the disease in December 2003 at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. In 2006, Robert received his Italian passport from the Italian Prime Minister.

Education: De Niro went to PS 41 until sixth grade which is a public elementary school in Manhattan. He also attended Elisabeth Irwin High School and the Little Red School House. He attended High School of Music and Art in ninth grade for a while then shifted to the private McBurney School. He later attended Rhodes Preparatory School, though he never graduated from both the schools. He studied acting at the Lee Strasberg’s Actors Studio and the Stella Adler Studio of Acting.

Robert De Niro Net Worth

Robert’s net worth is estimated to be around $220 million. He is one of the ten richest celebrities in Hollywood. On an average De Niro earns $17 million per movie. He yearly makes around $23,076,000.

Robert is one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood. He has a $4 million mansion in the Hamptons. He also owns penthouses in Manhattan and other areas in New York. De Niro and his second wife own a 15 room duplex at The Brentwood on Central Park West which costs around $20,090,000. He owns a 78-acre estate in Gardiner, New York, which is his primary residence. They have rented a stunning penthouse in Perry Street since the year 2012. De Niro owns a jet ski manufactured by Jetlev and a Gran Turismo. De Niro owns various cars and is a car seller’s dream come true.

Robert De Niro acted in 64 movies which earned around $4,142,848,187 worldwide. It is estimated that he makes around $23,076,000 every year. Robert has earned around $4,687,500 from various endorsements and other programs. Everyone should learn a thing or two from his career and business model. He has been in Hollywood since the 1960’s. He is also the co-founder of Tribeca Productions, Tribeca Grill, and Tribeca Film Festival. The actor also co-owns various restaurants and a hotel in Greenwich. Niro has been a longtime investor in the TriBeCa neighbourhood of the lower Manhattan.

Since the election of Donald Trump, there have been many instances when the legendary actor has made statements against his policies and views. De Niro starred in the 2016 movie “The Comedian.”

Robert De Niro is one of the most respected actors in the world. He has contributed immensely to the film industry. Robert is still the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gangsters. We still look forward to his movies. His charms have not faded with time. He is one of those actors who would go to live on forever with his timeless classics.