Quentin Tarantino Net Worth

Who is Quentin Tarantino and what is net worth of him? The American actor is best known for his writing and direction skills. He has directed over 11 movies in the industry. His movies usually revolve around satirical subject matters using nonlinear story lines, which portrays aestheticization of violence. He started his journey in the entertainment business in early 1980’s. His first project includes ‘My Best Friend’s Birthday’, which was written and directed by him.

In 1990’s, he began his independent career as a filmmaker, which included his 1992 film ‘Reservoir Dogs’, which is regarded as a cult hit. This success continued with his 1994 release ‘Pulp Fiction’ which became a commercial and critical hit. ‘Kill Bill’ is considered as one of his most popular and best recognised work. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards including two ‘Academy Awards’, two ‘Golden Globe Awards’, two ‘BAFTA Awards’, ‘Palme d’Or’.

Quentin Tarantino Net Worth 2018-2019

He has been a Grammy and Emmy nominees. In 2015, he was inducted on Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are people who don’t understand his movies and relate them with daring fusion of thrillers, non-linear and neo-noir films. His movies are comprised of dissimilar traditions, Blaxploitation themes, gangster violence and accented language.

Quentin Jerome Tarantino was born in 1963 on 27th March to father Tony Tarantino and mother, Connie Zastoupil. He has four siblings, including two sisters, Tanya Marie Tarantino, Ronnajean Tarantino and two brothers, Edward James Tarantino, Ron Zastoupil.

He was born in Tennessee, United States. However, he was raised in South Bay where he stayed with her mother, after the separation of his parents. His mother married a Los Angeles based musician Curtis Zastoupil. But the couple soon divorced in 1973 which followed her mother’s third marriage, which lasted for eight years.
Education – During his teenage years, he participated in Torrance Community Theater, where has worked in plays like ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Two plus Two Makes Sex’.

Tarantino left his Narbonne High School, when he was only 15. He dropped out of the school and got a job at an adult porn theater, named Pussycat Theater, disguising to be older than his actual age. Later he joined James Best Theater Company to take some acting classes. He started his career from being an employee at the video rental store, ‘Video Archives’. It is said while working there he got exposed to Blaxploitation movies and also observed the taste of customers in renting and buying movies.

Some of his best movies include ‘Reservoir Dogs’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Jackie Brown’, ‘Kill Bill: Volume 1’, ‘Kill Bill: Volume 2’, ‘Death Proof’, ‘Inglorious Bastards’, ‘Django Unchained’, and ‘The Hateful Eight’.

He is also the director of the hit television series ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’, where he has directed several of its episodes.

Quentin Tarantino Net Worth

Tarantino has been making movies since 1987, and is considered as one of the best Hollywood directors. His awards and critical praises are reflection of his talent and work. He has been working independently since 1992, which gives him a better share to earn more. He has directed and written over a dozen movies, which earned billions of dollars at the box office. The net worth of Quentin Tarantino is estimated to be around $110 million. He also works as a producer, to promote small potential foreign films, which don’t receive the deserved attention, in this he is earning without any major investments. Some of these movies include ‘Hero’, ‘Iron Monkey’ and ‘Hostel’.

Apart, from being a great director Quentin also, known for having his way around words, as he is known for script writing and story writing skills. He also has some experience in acting, from his early acting classes and work in the theater. He uses this side of his talent every now and then, by doing cameo or small role in films.

Quentin gained negative publicity for expressing his views on explicit violent content, which according to does not inspire or promote violence, it rather an individual desire if one chooses to be violent. People hyped his views adding negative connotation raising question as to how can one see reel violence as entertainment but real violence as an offence.

Quentin has a legacy of films in his pocket, retirement or no, he will still remain one the post potential directors of his time. He has presented some diverse films with an unconventional approach that makes his movies so engaging and hard to ignore.