Mel Gibson Net Worth 2019

Who is Mel Gibson and what is his net worth 2019? Mel Gibson is an Actor and filmmaker based from the USA born on 3rd January 1956 in Peekskill, New York. His parents had a total of eleven siblings and Mel being the sixth one he was raised up with a lot of joy and care. His father moved to Sydney, Australia after winning a lawsuit for injury on a working case against the New York Central Railroad worth $145,000.

Early Life and Career

As a student, he had played leading roles in the play Romeo and Juliet, the role of Queen Titania in A midsummer’s night dream. He is also a great action hero considering his performance in the movie ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Lethal Weapon’. He also went ahead of his acting career and found Icon Entertainment which is a production house. But he realised the real meaning of fame after his role in the movie ‘Gallipoli’ in 1981 which earned him the best actor award. From 1995 the actor started producing, directing and even starring in his own movies. He has been involved in a controversy in 2004 because of his biblical film ‘The passion of the Christ’.

Mel Gibson Net Worth

Before 1984 Gibson was mostly involved in the Australian television and cinema but soon a great changeover came and he did his first Hollywood movie ‘The River’. He has already done over 15 Hollywood movies and has produced and directed much more as of 2017.

Education: The actor was phenomenal in both his professional and personal life. He was quite educated but still choose to follow his heart and become an actor. He completed his schooling from Asquith Boys High School and did his graduation from New South Wales University situated in Sydney. Though he wished to be a journalist understanding his passion for acting his sister filled up an application for National Institute of Dramatic Arts where Gibson got selected in no time.

Net Worth of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s net worth is $450 million.

There is a list of properties and other assets that the actor owns which proves that he lives a super – luxurious lifestyle. He owns a luxury mansion which has 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a swimming pool, library, gym etc. which costs a staggering $11.5 million. He owns 4 more houses in Connecticut, sierra creek road, and Costa Rica and lavender hill farm with a combined estimated price about $62 million dollars.

In his list of automobiles, he owns a Lexus Ls600, a Maserati Quattroporte and a Mercedes CLS 500 all estimated at a combined value of $440,000. His large possessions include his private jet Gulfstream V of $48 million and a ‘MAGO ISLAND” estimated at a whopping $15 million.

The actor has one of the most interesting business models compared to the other Hollywood actors. Other than charging for acting he produces and directs his own films and others movies as well. That means he keeps all the profit of the film to himself after dispersing all the salaries and fees. He is not involved in any brand endorsements nor performs anymore on stages shows or concerts and hence he does not earn any income out of them. But he has been always seen on award nights which could probably be included as an income source.

Mel Gibson is an actor who has set an example for all of Hollywood as well as Australian Cinema that, once you have decided to do achieve a goal then no one can stop you from achieving it. His awards showcase his dedication and hard work that has been put by him over this period of time to reach the status he is in now.