Matthew McConaughey Net Worth

Who is Matthew McConaughey and how much his net worth? Matthew McConaughey is an American actor born on November 4th 1969 at Uvalde, Texas, U.S. in a family of five. His mother is a former kindergarten teacher and an author. His father James Donald McConaughey supplied oil pipe lines for a living. The young Matthew showed interests towards football and even played for Kentucky Wildcats and Houston Cougars College Football teams. His parents had an interesting span of marriage where they divorced twice and re – married again each time to each other.

His appearance in Dazed and Confused in 1993 made him famous in Hollywood. After that he received various offers from big screen and came back next year itself with the movie ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. He had various super hits like Interstellar (2014), A time to kill (1996), How to lose a guy in 10 days (2003), The wolf of wall street (2013), Killer Joe (2011) etc. The list never seems to end. He achieved most appreciation for the film ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ (2013) where he portrayed the character of a cowboy who has been diagnosed with AIDS for which he received 37 nominations and won 18 of them including the Las Vegas Best Actor Award, Academy Award for Best Actor, Hollywood Film Festival Award for Actor of the year etc.

Matthew McConaughey Net Worth 2018-2019

Education: The superstar did wonders on and as well as off screen. Irrespective of the field he performed phenomenally. Longview High School in Texas was attended by Matthew in 1980. He was also a part of the rotary student exchange programme in 1988 which took him to Australia for a year. He attended the Delta Tau Delta fraternity in the University of Texas in Austin and graduated with a degree in Radio – Television – Film in 1993. Though he made up his mind of attending the Southern Methodist University but settled for University of Texas due to financial problems.

Matthew McConaughey Net Worth

The super talented American actor has a net worth of approximately $105 million and has topped the list of highest paid actors for the same year. He is ranked at 19th place in top 25 celebrity’s net worth and salary. He charges a hefty $26.5 million for a movie, moreover he has various brand endorsements contracts which contribute decently to the 8 – figure sum.

Sea of Trees – $19,250,000
Thunder Run – $15,400,000
Dallas Buyers Club – $12,850,000
The paperboy – $11,000,000
The Wolf of Wall Street – $8,000,000

The actor is a car lover and owns 4 cars namely 1981 Camaro Z28 ($14,000), GMC Yukon XL ($70,000), 1971 Corvette Convertible ($13,000) and Lincoln MKX ($55,000).

Other than automobiles he owns an 11,000 sq. ft. mansion estimated about $4 million. He also has invested an amount of $1.97 million in a TV show called ‘West Texas Investors Club’. He was never known to have made significant investments in the stock market.

Matthew McConaughey as Business Model

Despite of earning a bulky amount from movies Matthew has other sources of income as well. He has bagged various brand endorsements with remuneration above an average earning of person annually, namely Dolce and Gabbana, Lincoln, Wild turkey, Stetson Black and much more. His appearances in different award functions and small screen TV shows definitely contributed a big amount towards his income.

In spite of facing hardships in the initial years Matthew never gave up neither did he loose hope. He sacrificed his desire to study in his favourite college for his family which proves that he is an understanding person. He is not only a successful actor but also a kind man who runs various NGO’s and Charitable Trusts like Bid to Beat AIDS, Cancer Research Institute, H.E.L.P. Malawi, J.K living foundation and much more. He has also made various donations for different causes signifying his kind – heartedness and responsible personality.