Lindsay Lohan Net Worth 2019

Who is Lindsay Lohan and what is her net worth 2019? Lindsay Lohan is a well known American actress and singer known for roles in movies, such as Scary Movie 5, Liz & Dick, Freaky Friday, and A Prairie Home Companion among many others. She started off her career at the age of 3 with a modelling consignment for Ford. This beautiful actress earned worldwide recognition with the critical success of her movie “Mean Girls” in which she played the role of Cady Heron in 2004. In the same year, she kick-started her singing career with the debut music album named “Speak” that went on to touch the platinum mark.

Early Life

She was born on 2 July 1986 in New York City, New York, United States. Her father Michael was a former Wall Street trader, whereas Lindsay’s mother was a Broadway dancer. She talks openly about her turbulent childhood and not good relationship with her father due to his bad behaviour. When she was aged only 3, her parents get separated to reunite later. However, they finally get divorced in the year of 2007.

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth

She often says she had a very challenging childhood and mostly have bad memories about it. Before appearing in movies, she had featured in more than 60 commercials that consist of spots for Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Jello and The Gap. As a teenager, Lohan dated fellow actor Aaron Carter and their relationship gained lots of media attention as it also involved singer Hilary Duff.

She started a new relationship with Wilmer Valderrama in 2004, but it also doesn’t go well. She also had personal relationships with the likes of Riley Giles and DJ Samantha Ronson in the past. Since 2016, Lindsay Lohan’s love interest was Egor Tarabasov who is a Russian based real estate agency owner. However, she recently announced separation with Egor.

Education: She has done her schooling in the Sanford H. Calhoun and Cold Spring Harbor High School. The grades of the Lindsay Lohan were pretty good till 11th class. After that, she started homeschooling. It was becoming tough for her to properly focus on education along with working in the movies.

Net Worth of Lindsay Lohan

The Lindsay Lohan net worth is $1 million. She earns a major portion of her income by acting in the movies. She had acted in more than 15 movies throughout her career of 17 years. Some of her top-grossing movies are Inappropriate Comedy, Chapter 27, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls, The Parent Trap, A Prairie Home Companion, Labor Pains and The Canyons. She could have been one of the richest actresses in the United States if she doesn’t have problems with drugs.

Her addiction to cocaine and alcohol resulted in a huge decline in the income. These problems result in the loss of roles in the movies, such as Ugly Betty and Inferno.

Lindsay Lohan is the owner of five luxurious cars such as Roll Royce Phantom, Porsche 911, Range Rover Sport, Mercedes SL65 AMG, and Maserati Quattroporte. She has a deep love for the branded cars. She lives in a big house in the Venice Beach Pad that has four big designed bedrooms and well-equipped bathrooms. Also, it has an ultra modern kitchen having all the modern equipment in it. Her love for the wallpaper can be easily seen in the walls of this house that have her portraits. Julia Roberts, Perry Farrell, Tim Robbins and Fionna Apple also live in the Venice Beach.

In addition to movies, there are many other ventures in which she participated. Her debut album comes with many successful singles like Rumours and Over. She also has a deep interest in business and that’s why she started 6126 which is a clothing line. In starting, the brand only sells leggings, but now it has expanded to a complete wardrobe.

During an interview with Good Morning Britain on 21 February, Lohan says that she was racially profiled at the Heathrow Airport while back to the New York. The reason for that was a headscarf that she wore in the airport and she was told to remove it.

No one can deny that the reputation of the Lindsay Lohan has fallen due to countless problems with the law and drug addiction. However, the majority of her problems gets solved in 2016 and she is looking for a new start to her career. No matter how many wrong decisions she has made in her life, it is abundantly clear that the talent of the Lindsay Lohan is completely extraordinary. She has given her the best in everything she has been part of.