Kristen Stewart Net Worth

Who is Kristen Stewart and what is her net worth 2018? Born on 09 April 1990, Kristen Stewart is an American model and actor. Her parents have connections with the film field. Her father John, a stage manager and producer earlier with Fox now works on Comedy Central. Her Australian mother, Jules Mann-Stewart is a script supervisor. Her elder brother Cameron is an upcoming actor in Hollywood. Other than Cameron, she has two adopted brothers Dana and Taylor.

She belongs to a family that has back-of-the-camera connections in Hollywood. Hence, she did not have any great dreams of becoming an actor. However, she landed some children roles from 1997. Her main claim to fame is the portrayal of Jodie Foster’s daughter in the thriller, Panic Room. She continued the good work in films such as Catch That Kid, Into the Wild, etc. The portrayal of Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga gave her full prominence. This serial grossed more than $3 billion worldwide.

Kristen Stewart Net Worth

She has won a couple of awards as well including the BAFTA Rising Star Award in 2010 and the Milan international Film Festival Award for Best Female Actor in 2011. Her earnings from the Twilight Saga made her compete with the highest grosser in the industry with Forbes naming her as one of the highest paid female actors in 2012.

Having an attractive face and a desirable figure, it is not a surprise that she had her share of affairs as well. She has dated her co-star Michael Angarano before going steady with Robert Pattinson. She had affairs with French singer Stephanie ‘Soko’ Sokolinski, Alicia Cargile, and Stella Maxwell. You should note that the last three names are female stars thus giving rise to suspicions that she is gay. She has confirmed this fact in her appearance on SNL on 04 February 2017.

Education: Kristen does not have any great educational qualifications to boast about in life. She attended some local schools and studied up to the seventh grade only. Subsequently, she completed her high school education through correspondence courses. It does sound a bit odd that people today spend a lot of money on education and here we have an example of raking in the millions without much of a formal schooling.

Kristen Stewart Net Worth

On the Hollywood scene since 1997, Kristen Stewart net worth is $85 million. She owes this entire net worth to her earnings from acting in films and her modelling assignments.

With a worth of $85 million and still growing, she has acquired many assets. Her amazing mansion in Los Angeles, CA is worth around $6 million whereas her luxurious Los Angeles house is worth in the range of $2.2 million.

She has at least three cars in her name including the Mini Cooper, Dodge magnum, and the Tacoma.

Kristen Stewart as Business Model

Some people are lucky. Some come up by sheer dint of hard work. We do not know where to classify Kristen Stewart. Of course, she had the film background thus making her path clear for an entry into films. However, you have to work hard to stay afloat. Hence, we can state that she has both the luck as well as the hard work factor working in her favour.

She made a mark in Hollywood with her excellent portrayal of Jodie Foster’s diabetic daughter in the film, Panic Room. She has not looked back since then. She played the younger artist in a couple of other films such as Cold Creek manor, etc.

She had a love for thriller films with Catch That Kid, Undertow, The Messengers, etc. She proved that she could act in romantic films as well with good performances in films like In the Land of Women, Into the Wild, and What Just Happened etc.

However, her main claim to fame is the role of Bella Swan in the film Twilight. She acted in the sequels to the Twilight as well. The Twilight Saga parts 1 and 2 have been the highlights of her career.

In addition to being an actor, she is a successful model as well having worked in commercials for Chanel and the Balenciaga fashion brands.

She has plans to switch over to directing films in addition to her acting assignments. She is in negotiations to act in the biopic about JT LeRoy. She plans to continue her love with thriller films with her final negotiations to star in ‘Underwater’.

A confirmed gay, she does not have any qualms about being in a relationship with fellow gays. This might have affected her relationship with Robert Pattinson. However, like the present-day American youth, she cares a damn. She has not married anybody until date. She is still young and has a long way to go in Hollywood.