King Bach Net Worth

Who is King Bach and what is his net worth 2018? Do you have to be a popular film star or a celebrity for people to follow you on the internet. Many people would reply with an emphatic Yes. However, King Bach has proved just the opposite. Born on 26 June 1988 in Toronto, Ontario, Andrew B Bachelor is an American actor, comedian, and more importantly, an Internet personality.

Known by his online alias, King Bach, he has the distinction of having the maximum followers on Vine. The number of followers could amaze you. With around 16.1 million followers, a number more than the population of many countries in the world, he holds the premier rank on Vine.

King Bach Net Worth 2018-2019

Born to Caribbean parents, both of whom are accountants, one would assume that he would follow their route. However, destiny had other things in store for him. He became an actor and a comedian.

However, uploading videos were his first love. Introduced to Vine by Brittany Furlan, he uploaded his first video on 19 April 2013. Prior to this, he was renowned for his YouTube channel, BachelorspadTv.

Within a short span of time, he gained 1.6 million followers on Vine along with 6 billion loops. He has a fantastic sense of humor. One has to look at his caricature on Vine to understand the humor quotient. However, in real life, he is just the opposite in nature.

He started his TV career with four episodes on House of Lies. Following his popularity on Vines, he started getting offers from everywhere. He became a regular member of the Wild ’N Out and the Black Jesus cast. Subsequently, he attained the same status in Resident Advisors.

He has also acted in about four films until date. Of course, his films did not set the box office on fire. However, he is always more famous for his Internet personality rather than his achievements in the field of television and cinema.

Education: Though born in Ontario, his parents moved to West Palm Beach, Florida when he was just two years old. His parents were strict in nature. Like most of the Caribbeans in the world, he is a devout Christian. For his initial schooling, he attended the Coral Springs Charter School. On graduating from school, King Bach enrolled at the Florida State University to complete his Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

This must be because of the influence of his parents. He was a high jump star in his college. After acquiring this degree, he tried his luck at New Your Film Academy. Dropping studies midway, he moved on to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.

King Bach Net Worth

King Bach total net worth is $3.2 million. The main source of his worth is the Vine videos and nothing else. His fans call him the Vine superhero. Do you really think that he will go for a regular job and salary based on his Business Management degree when he has nearly half the world in his palm?

He must be having all the possible movable and immovable assets one could hope to have. By the way, he charges $ 1000 per 100000 followers for each sponsored Vine. His six-second videos have proved a hit everywhere.

Like most of his Caribbean brothers, King Bach has an extraordinary sense of humor. They like to enjoy life in its full glory. They have a tremendous sense of humor as well. King Bach was no different. He has an unmatched sense of humor thereby prompting him to start posting videos all over the internet. He had his own channel on YouTube before turning his attention to Vine.

After posting his first video on Vine in April 2013, he started gaining followers in drones. The figure reached 1.6 million in just three years. This amounts to around 1400 to 1500 followers a day. This is staggering, to say the least.

It is a great thing that this popularity and fame has not gone to his head. He donates a huge amount of his earnings to a non-profit making organisation that helps impoverished kids.

With his success, King Bach has proved that you need not be a celebrity or a film star to become famous in the world. His followers do the earning for him. His six-second comedy shows are a rage all over the world. He is an expert in parodying movies. The world has not seen the best of King Bach yet.