Julia Roberts Net Worth

Who is Julia Roberts and what is her net worth 2018? Julia Roberts is a legendary actress who has been gracing us with her acting skills since the late 80’s. Roberts has acted in an array of blockbusters hits and even now she looks as pretty as she did when she was 30. She has been in People’s Top Ten list of World’s most beautiful People on the Planet a staggering 11 times.

Julia Roberts was born on October 28th 1967 in a southern town of Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents Walter and Betty Roberts also gave birth to Eric Roberts (Julia’s brother) and Lisa Roberts (Julia’s sister). Julia initially wanted to become a veterinarian but chose to abandon her dream after she realised she had “an inability to deal with science on a brainiac kind of level”.

Julia Roberts Net Worth

Julia pursued career as an actor along with her siblings Lisa and older brother Eric. Her parents regularly hosted writing and acting workshops so the kids developed interest and started showing interest in performing on stage at an early age. Eric was the first one to break into film industry.

Even though it was the older brother who had a strong start to his career, it was Julia who would turn out to be the best among the lot. She made her debut in Blood Red which was released in 1989. She also starred in several 80’s TV shows including the 1988 made-for-cable drama ‘Satisfaction’.

Julia Roberts has had a few high profile affairs off the screen. She was married to Lyle Lovett (from 1993 to 1995) before separating. She then married her current husband Daniel Moder in 2002. The couple have three beautiful children; Hazel and Phinnaeus Moder, twins (born in 2004) and their younger brother Harry (born in 2007).

Education: Acting was in Julia’s blood all along. She was born to a family, in which her parents were one-time writers and playwrights, her siblings Lisa and Eric Roberts were actors and her niece Emma Roberts is also a successful actor.

Initially Julia wanted to be a veterinarian when she was a child. She also had interest in playing clarinet and was part of her school band.

After she graduated from Smyrna’s Campbell High School she went to Georgia State University but she didn’t graduate. In 1985 she headed to New York City as she wanted to pursue a career in acting similar to her sister with whom she was living. There she signed with the Click Modeling Agency and also enrolled in acting classes.

Julia Roberts Net Worth

Julia Robert’s net worth currently stands at around $150 million. Julia Roberts is a huge star when it comes to the world of Hollywood. It is reportedly said that she easily makes as much as 25 million dollars every time she features in a movie.

She also participates in few shows here and there which help her earn big bucks easily. She once took a part on a Broadway making around $35,000 per show. Currently she isn’t as active as she used to be but whenever she gets casted in a movie, it is bound to generate healthy revenue and bound to add millions of dollars to her wealth.

Julia Roberts currently owns 4 houses across different cities in USA. She has a gigantic mansion named “Green Mansion” in Los Angeles. It is called as Green Mansion as it is 100% eco-friendly and energy efficient. It is located in the Malibu region which is one of the most preferred choices of celebs. Apart from the Green Mansion, she also owns a relatively small house named “Californian Home” in the Venice district on the westside of Los Angeles, California.

Apart from those two, she has another house named “Taos Ranch” in the region of New Mexico. It was in this ranch that she married her current husband Danny Moder, so this house holds a huge significance for her. The final property that she owns is Manhattan Apartment which is located in one of the most lavish areas of New York City.

Julia Roberts is not a big buyer and collector of expensive cars. However, she has just one car; Toyota Prius which is a hybrid. It is one of the most preferred cars of highly renowned stars of Hollywood.

Not only is she a great Actress, she is also a successful producer. She can often be seen as a narrator for various documentaries and awareness spreading shows. In 2000, she narrated a documentary “Silent Angels” about Rett Syndrome, a neurodevelopment disorder. She is heavily involved in charity work as she is a big believer of giving back to the community. In the 2014 short film for Conservation International, Roberts gave her voice for Mother Nature to raise awareness about climate change.

She is also the global brand ambassador of fashion giants Lancome. She is currently under a $50 million per year contract which makes her one of the richest female actors around.

She has been relatively quiet for the past few years as she has been involved with charity work and spreading awareness about environment most of the time. However, every time she comes on the screen, she lights it up and delivers a spectacular movie for all ages.

Her last movie might have been released in Mid-May 2016 but do not for a second think that Julia Roberts is done with acting.