Jonathan Scott Net Worth

Who is Jonathan Scott and What is his net worth 2018? Jonathan Silver Scott is a Canadian Actor who was born on 28 April 1978 to James and Joanne Scott. He has a twin brother who was born just 4 minutes later to Jonathan which makes Jonathan the second son of the Scott’s. His elder brother is JD and his younger twin brother is Drew. His father was also an actor, stuntman, and an assistant director until the late 70’s. Jonathan attended secondary school and also played in basketball and volleyball teams. Jonathan majored in Business Management from Calgary University.

At the age of 17, the twin brothers were encouraged by their father to find a job. They ended up doing a business of making nylon and woven hangers jointly with their mother. However, they continued their job search which led them to a recruitment ad of child clowns for parades. They were hired as apprentice clowns and performed well. Jonathan transformed to a performer.

Jonathan Scott Net Worth

Despite his interest in entertainment, Jonathan after sufficient research decided to enter real estate instead of being a “Starving artist”. In 2004, the twins established the Scott Real Estate Inc. Jonathan also pursued his entertainment career alongside. He was an illusionist. In 2011, he co-hosted the HGTV TV show “Property Brothers” . The show also released other series which included – Property Brothers at home in 2014, Property Brothers at home on the Ranch, Property Brothers – Buying+Selling (2012), and Brother Vs. Brother (2013). All these shows hosted the twin brothers.

Jonathan found fame in his notable roles in his films The X-files (1993) and Breaker High (1997). In 2011, Jonathan with Drew founded Producers Ball. Jonathan along with Drew also released two country music for iTunes in 2015 – “Hold on” and “Let The Night Shine In”. On 4 April 2016, they released their first book “Dream home: the Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide To Finding And Fixing Your Perfect House”.

Jonathan Scott Net Worth

Jonathan Scott’s net worth is $14 million. He has earned a lot through his establishments and the TV show Property Brothers.

He owns a 2008 Chrysler 300 and a 2014 Chrysler 300. Jonathan and Drew co-own a home in Las Vegas which is completely customized with a guy-friendly design. Jonathan married at a young age and divorced since he felt they were not a good match. Currently, he is dating Jacinta Kuznetsov.

Jonathan was interested in entertainment. However, he didn’t want to end up a “starving artist”. So he entered real estate with his twin brother and founded the Scott Real Estate. Then they incorporated this business with the Dividian Production Group(DPG). DPG was used to produce films and TV galas and events – Leo film & TV awards and The Producers Ball.

He also hosts the show Property Brothers with his twin brother Drew. He is also a philanthropist. He works with organizations like “World Vision and Artists for Peace and Justice” and “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”. He has also co-published a book “Dream Home” which is a guide to buying homes.

Jonathan is majorly an illusionist. He has performed magic shows in Las Vegas and at the Murray SawChuck’s show – The laugh factory. He still creates illusions for other magicians in the world.

Jonathan’s home is full of amusement park perks – they own a commercial grade water slide at home, open air theater which has a 15-ft outdoor movie screen, a swim-up bar with beer on tap, and a basketball court. They has spent $2 million for this renovation.

The twin brothers have advised Beyonce’ about raising twins – “twinning is not easy”.

Jonathan Scott accomplished his goals of staying in the entertainment industry but did not start off as a starving artist. He took the other route and fulfilled his financial needs before he made his venture into the entertainment industry. For all those starving artists out there, Jonathan Scott is an example of how strategically one can fulfill his desire in a different way.