Jonah Hill Net Worth

Who is Jonah Hill and what is his net worth 2018? Some time ago Jonah Hill, the extremely talented screenwriter and actor turned 34 years old. His career started at a very young age, when he was still in college. He wrote and starred in his own plays. After gaining popularity and success with his initial plays, Dustin Hoffman, the well-known American director cum actor advised him to audition for the movie, I Heart Huckabees. First audition, first film. Surely that was a sign for better things to come? Grandma’s Boy that released in 2006, was one of the first movies in which he played a significant part, which was followed up by Knocked Up, in the year 2007.

From then on, his career has only skyrocketed. Imagine The Hangover, with Jonah Hill as one of the three main actors? Simply hilarious, straight to the point. But he chose not to accept the role and instead he went ahead to act in the movie Cyrus (2010). In 2011, he finally announced himself on the big screen with his Golden Globe nomination for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, for his character, Peter Brand, that he played in Moneyball. Apart from being a great actor and screenwriter, Jonah is well-known as a comedian and producer, as well. Not so publicised is his love for writing. He dreamt of joining the writing team of iconic American shows like, The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live.

Jonah Hill Net Worth 2018-2019

Right from his birth, he lived in the affluent neighbourhoods of Los Angeles. His entire family is entangled in the showbiz business. His mother, Sharon Lyn is a costume designer cum fashion expert, while his father, Richard Feldstein acted as the tour accountant for Guns ‘n’ Roses. Both, his brother and sister, too, work in the showbiz industry as a music manager and actress, respectively.

Education: The Jewish boy, growing up in Los Angeles did his schooling from Brentwood School and Crossroads School. After high school, he shifted colleges a couple of times, in the end attending: Bard College, New School and The University of Colorado Boulder.

Jonah Hill Net Worth

Jonah Hill has estimated net worth of $42 million. One look at this figure and you might be wondering, “That’s not too much now, is it?”. But don’t forget, he has been working in the industry for barely a decade. It was only in the end of the last decade, where he really made a name for himself.

After watching one of Jonah Hill’s movies, you would think that he lives life extravagantly. Big mansion,luxurious cars, and what not. Well, the movie is a reality. He does live like that. He has a beautiful mansion, located in the neighbourhoods of Los Angeles, exactly where he grew up. Its price tag? $1.865 million.

He might have a couple of other cars but the one’s known to the media are only two, an Audi A5 and an Audi Q5, both costing a total of about $110,000.

Jonah Hill as Business Model

Predominantly, he makes his money through acting and screenwriting. But that’s not all. He is also a very talented producer and his knack of humor, aligns with the kids of generation Z, making him very popular among the younger population. For a short period of time, he had his own cartoon series, that if worked out, would have been another great source of income. But Allen Gregory, the name of the cartoon, was an utter failure. Voicing, in a number of animated movies, is another thing that he does quite often. In fact, after Moneyball, How to train your dragon, can be considered to be his second best movies, in terms of sales.

He is slimmer, sharper and much better looking. A black suit, suits him now. Perhaps that’s why he’s getting to star in a show, with the beautiful Emma Stone, named Maniac. This 10-episode series is modelled on dark humor and it’s shooting is soon, set to begin. The entire shooting is expected to last for a minimum period of 3 months.