Jon Stewart Net Worth

Who is Jon Stewart and what is his net worth 2018? Making others happy or at least watching them happy, makes us even happier. Stand up comedy is a rare talent that comedians have because they need to match the interests of all the people in the crowd. One such comedian who started as a stand up comedian is Jon Stewart, who is an American comedian. He also excels in various fields like writing, production of films, acting, criticism mainly in media related issues and was also a former television host. His jokes involved topics from almost all genres such as politics, physical comedies, insult comedies, and roasting, blue comedy.

Born with the name Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, on 28th November,1962. He comes from the city of New York, and was born to the pair of Marian and Donald Leibowitz. His family was Jewish and they had to emigrate from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and found sanctuary in the United States. Out of four sons Stewart is the second, with an elder brother named Lawrence and two younger ones, Dan and Matthew. He dropped his last name after the divorce of his parents and used his middle name there on. This was made official in the year, 2001.

Jon Stewart Net Worth

Stewart and his older brother, were the CEO’s of NYSE Euronext. His early childhood involved the time of the Vietnam war and the Watergate scandal. This offered him develop a specific healthy skepticism when official reports were involved. Stewart grew up in Lawrenceville and did his schooling in Lawrence High School.

He graduated from the College of William & Mary in Virginia, majoring in chemistry initially and then psychology. He also played in the college’s soccer team and as he quoted in an interview, his college wasn’t that much of a surprise and was blooming up very late. Once he graduated he received offers from various organisations for varied jobs which were all white collared ones. Taking a job at City Gardens provided him with a creative environment and proved to be a place of great possibility.

Career: Jon was a funny boy at school itself and had quite a reputation for himself for cracking jokes that made everybody laugh. With a mind to try out what he had in stage he came to New York in 1986. His debut appearance was at the Bitter End. This was where Woody Allen, his idol began his career as a stand up comedian.

His most repeated joke was about his surname Leibowitz, which others found hard to pronounce, but this was based on a similar theme by Lenny Bruce at that time. He was a regular performer at the Comedy Cellar, where he was the closing performance every night. While training he used to perform at 2 in the morning. His first television job was in the year 1989, as a writer for the show Caroline’s Comedy hour.

He became the co-host, with Patty in the show Short Attention Span Theater, which premiered in the Comedy Central. His ideals about his career were not satisfying until a performance on March 1993 on NBC’s Late Night with David Letterman.

Later in the same year, he developed his own show called The Jon Stewart Show, on MTV. This was a talk show, and the first one on the channel. To his surprise it was a hit instantly and became the second highest rated MTV show. In the year 1994, Paramount took the show from their sibling channel, MTV, and made the Jon Stewart Show an hour long program which was featured late night. Hall’s show was an all time favourite that time, it was moved to 2 A.M in the morning and the new Jon Stewart show had inherited early morning time slots in most of the cities.

Jon Stewart Net Worth

Comedy was not only the field Jon was excelling in. He is also a political satirist, and an actor. All these professions provided him with wealth and he has a total net worth of $90 million. His average salary ranges from $25-$30 million per year from all the TV shows and comedy shows he appeared on.

His over hosting in shows and specifically a satirical news program titled Daily Show which was featured on the Comedy Central channel which won many accolades and this was one of the outbreaks that led Jon to his path of glory in attaining a net worth as of now. Two Peabody awards were also won by this show. Also his career as an actor helped him achieve more fame and gain more wealth in the form of money.

Jon wasn’t at the crest from the beginning of his career but then his talent paid off and he began treading new paths which led to greater heights each time. Jon is the proud winner of a Grammy award for the best Comedy Album in the year 2005.

In an overview Jon Stewart was one of the comedians who travelled to the toughest of extremes to achieve his passion and succeed in flying colours. His appearances in smattering films also made him more confident and each time he climbed up a stage there was at least one thing that was unique and different and that’s a pre-requisite for any good comedian.