Jensen Ackles Net Worth 2019

Who is Jensen Ackles and what is his net worth 2019? Jensen Ross Ackles is simply known as (Jensen Ackles) is an American actor and director who is famous for his heart-stopping and beautiful looks. He was born on 1st March 1978 in Texas (USA). He has lovely family including his father Mr. Roger Alan Ackles, his mother Donna Joan, a brother josh and a cheering sister Mackenzie.

His father Mr. Roger Alan Ackles is also an actor and belongs to the same industry. Mr. Alan is famous for his roles in Devour, Serving Sara, Dallas, Texas Ranger and James Brady Story. The motivation of Jensen towards modelling and acting may be due to this fact that his father is also an actor. They both shared the same space on Devour (2005). Alan also appeared in Supernatural series in the year 2010 and 2012 in the episodes “Weekend at Bobby’s” and “Heartache” respectively as newscaster and detective.

Jensen Ackles Net Worth


Jensen started his modelling career at the age of 2. He wanted to become a physical therapist for this he joined the Texas University. But his destiny decided something else for him. He moved from Texas to Los Angeles for pursuing a carrier in acting. He worked a lot on his acting skills and later appeared in many movies and TV series. He got the nominations in many categories and received several awards for the same. In 1998 he got the best male newcomer award for his work in days of our lives. This award was the signal indicating the potential of this newcomer.

Jensen’s love life has always been in limelight. He was dating actress Leann rimes in 1997, although it was not officially shared. But his rumoured girlfriend broke up in 1998 and from then onwards Jensen stared to date Jessica Simpson. But they also split early within the same year. After so many affairs from Joanna Krupa to Tania Sulnier, he finally met her soul mate and got engaged in the year 2009 to a gymnast, model, and actress Danneel Harris and were blessed with a baby girl justice jay Ackles on May 30th, 2013.

Currently, Jensen is working as an elder Winchester brother known as Dean for the well-known horror drama series Supernatural. This show is on its 12th season hosted on CW and recorded as the longest show (from the year 2005 till now) and most loving series in North American history.

Net Worth of Jensen Ackles

Jensen’s demand in entertainment era creates his net worth to 11 million. Jensen is one of the highest paid TV actors who is reportedly paid $175 K for his role in super-natural’s 12th series. According to Forbes Magazine, he was reported as highest paid TV actor.

Jensen’s craze about cars is well known he drives Cadillac Escalade which is highly customised and suits with his image.

Jensen Ackles likes to play guitar and other musical instruments. He has great interest in sports such as golf, football and also enjoys horseback riding. During his college time, he used to play lacrosse and baseball. His interest towards photography is well known, he can be found taking snaps more often on the sets of Supernatural these days.

Recently a happy moment was reported in Jensen’s life. The lovely couple Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel were expecting twins and they welcomed a boy and a girl, Arrow Rhodes and Zeppelin Bram on 2 December 2016. Like all other Years, Jensen got the nomination in People’s choice award for the race of favorite Sci-fi/fantasy TV Actor for the show Supernatural.

Jensen Ackles is not only a gorgeous and a fabulous person but also a perfectionist in personal as well as professional life. He is a great lyricist, a mind blowing singer, actor and a director. The exponential growth in his carrier from years 1998 till 2017 says it all. He won millions of hearts with his exceptional looks, voice and acting skills. His unsurpassed talent and abilities are the keys which continuously helps him to expand his horizon. One lesson which we can learn from his life is that, we should never afraid to follow the voice of our heart. We should find the calling in our life and dedicate our complete focus to that particular goal.