Jay Leno Net Worth

Who is Jay Leno and what is his net worth 2018? Jay Leno was born in the year 1950 in New York. His actual name is James Douglas Muir Leno. He is an actor, philanthropist, comedian and a famous television host. People know him for his own show called Tonight’s Show with Jay Leno. He has done standup comedy for many years and he had a primetime talk show as well called The Jay Leno Show which was cancelled because of a controversy.

He had an elder brother who died in the year 2002. He father was Italian and his mother was Scottish. Jay Leno has been very famous for show and he has done some big gigs as well. He goes for charity events and does stand up comedies at several venues. Jay Leno has been married to Mavis Leno since the year 1980. They are going strong till today. They have no children as they never planned to make any. He loves spending his free time visiting car collections and he is dyslexic.

Jay Leno Net Worth

Jay Leno Net Worth

Jay Leno goes for many stand up tours around the world and he had a great show of his own. His earnings have been massive. His net worth is $380 million. He earns $15 million in a year. It does not include the stand up comedy tours that he goes for. He probably earns an extra $20 million from the stand up tours. Jay Leno has a very impressive collection of vehicles. Anybody who loves vehicles will envy him because he owns the best cars and motorcycles.

He has a great fetish for cars and motorcycles. He owns more than 286 vehicles which means that even if he retires with no job no stand up comedy tours, he will still be able to look after generations because he has the best vehicles and also, they are priceless. He does a lot of charity work as well. To think he started his career in night clubs where he used to do stand up comedy and today he is one of the best TV hosts and comedians in the industry.

Jay Leno has the coolest cars and motorcycles in his garage. Anybody who loves cars and motorcycles will envy the collection that Jay Leno has. He has 286 vehicles in his collection. Some of his best vehicles are Ariel Atom, 2014 McLaren P1, McLaren F1, Lamborghini Countach, 1970 Mazda Cosmo, Lamborghini Miura, LLC Rocket and 1939 Lagonda V12. He has a very impressive Crystal Tank Car from Blastolene.

If one sees his vehicle collection, they will think Jay Leno is insane but he has a huge fetish for vehicles and he likes collecting them. He says that he does not spend the money he earned from the TV show. He says that he spends the money he earned from the stand up comedy shows. He loves his vehicle collection and in his free time, he likes to spend time and look at his vehicle collection.

Jay Leno supports many causes such as health, poverty, AIDS, children, hunger, cancer, human rights, education and disadvantaged youths. This shows that Jay Leno has a very kind heart and he believes in doing good for people. He spends a lot on vehicles as it is his fetish but he has done a lot of charity.

He is associated with many charities such as YMCA, Bailey’s Cafe, Livestrong, ONE DROP, Stand Up to Cancer, St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and many more. He has never left hands of those who are in need. He believes in investing his money on vehicles and also on charity. He puts his money for the right causes.

In the year 2016, Jay Leno came back to the Tonight’s Show to help Jimmy Fallon. He helped Jimmy with the monologue. He made jokes about Hilary Clinton, Trump and Bill Clinton. His fans were happy to see him back. It was such a good change to see the famous TV show host back. Jay Leno has a huge fan following and when he is on television, people appreciate him a lot.

There was a huge controversy which was about Conan and Leno. Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno had a serious hate story going on between them. When the NBC executives asked Leno to give up his show to make room for the host Conan O’Brien, it created a lot of fire. It started in the year 2004 and continued for long. The controversy got so popular and it was all over the internet and news.

Jay Leno may have retired but he is still alive in many hearts. He is known for his insane vehicle collection. He travels the world for his stand up comedy shows. His fans wish to see him again because he was the best! Yes, there are new faces on television but personalities like Jay Leno never leave our hearts.

He is a very kind man and still supports many causes. May his vehicle collection stay classy as always and increase in numbers. May we see him on television soon. He is certainly one of the best television hosts we have had and we are waiting to see more of him. We wish him all the luck for his future and may he put smiles on many faces through charity and his comedy talent.