Jason Statham Net Worth

Who is Jason Statham and what is his net worth 2018? Jason Statham is a British-born American Action hero who was born on July 26th, 1967 in Shire brook, Derbyshire, England. His parents were street sellers and they expected him to follow the same path. But Jason had no interest in such jobs. Hence he started to learn martial arts and started to play football. One of his good friends introduced him to the game and he ended up playing for his school team before his interest shifted towards diving.

Every day he used to practice different techniques of diving. Soon he became a member of the British National Diving Club. He got into the big screen from sports modelling which was offered to him by the Sports Promotion Agency when they spotted him practicing at a stadium in London. It was his first step towards success. He was further offered endorsements by various big companies. After that Jason played lead roles in the movies ’Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels’ by a British Director. These movies created a spark in his Career. From there Statham did many big screen movies like Snatch, The transporter series (2002-2008), Mean Machine (2002), Italian Job (2003) and much more which were all super hits.

Jason Statham Net Worth

Education: There is no record of any formal education of the actor available, he achieved a lot at a very tender age, and he was a part of the British National Diving Club for twelve years. Moreover, he finished 12th in the diving World Championship. He is also really good at Martial arts for which he takes classes and training sessions even now.

Jason Statham Net Worth

The net worth of this multi – talented actor/martial artist/diving champion is estimated at $55 million.

The British actor holds a number of properties namely Malibu Beach Home worth $10,950,000, a Los Angeles Home worth $7.3 million, A Hollywood apartment in California worth $1,543,515.

Coming to automobiles America’s favourite action hero owns Audi R8, Audi A8, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, Aston Martin DBS Volante, Jaguar E-type and Audi S8.He is crazy about cars and takes care of them really well. Owning a range of cars out of which 3 of them are formed Audi signifies the actor’s love for cars especially for the brand.

Other than earning a handsome amount per movie Jason has various other sources, endorsements being one of them. The actor has endorsed various brands like Audi, Burton, Jaguar, French Connection etc. He also earns by appearing in various shows and fitness events. Moreover, appearances in award functions and videos also contribute towards his income. He has also starred in music videos like ‘Comin on’ in 1993, ‘summer’ in 2014 etc. He also voiced some of the video games namely ‘Red faction’ in 2002, Call of duty as sergeant waters in 2003 and others.

Jason Statham is the perfect example of class and perfection. Among the many films, Jason has done ‘The Transporter’ Series is everybody’s all-time favourite. Jason is known for his simplicity. His skills in Martial arts are so good and he still has a fit body. He has won the award for ‘most offensive male’ for the movie crank in 2007, got nominated for teen choice awards in 2015, critics’ choice awards in 2016 and EDA special mention awards recently in 2017. Jason Statham has gone through a lot during his childhood. But he has already proven that there is nothing in the world a man can’t conquer if he has a strong determination and will power.