Geoff Ramsey Net Worth

Who is Geoff Ramsey and what is his net worth 2018? The multi-talented Hollywood personality is much more than just an amazing voice in Red vs. Blue. Geoff Ramsey is a popular Hollywood personality today and an internet sensation. He is known for his wonderful comedy and voiceovers. His most memorable and popular voice acting was as Dexter Grif in the web series Red vs Blue. Geoff’s original name is Geoffrey Paul Fink and he was born in Mobile, Alabama. Geoff spent his teenage and youth in the areas like New Orleans and Florida. During his teenage years, he was a semi-pro bowler. Before completing his graduation, he was enlisted into the US Army.

He was creative and wanted to pursue a career in photojournalism in Kuwait which he did for a while, serving the US Army from 1993 to 1998. Later, he jumped into the technical arena, joining TeleNetwork Partners, a tech support company. He met the talented Burnie Burns there, who was already familiar to him when he co-created Geoff also worked with Catch 22 band as a roadie and a production assistant for a production company.

Geoff Ramsey Net Worth

He gained sufficient experience and skills by the year 2003 and collaborated with Burnie Burns and a few other people to find the inception of Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC, which is a popular production company at the present time known for its long-running webseries Red vs Blue. He is married to Griffon Ramsey and has a daughter named Millicent. They live in Texas right now. Geoff has contributed his skills in many fields like acting, voice acting, production, writing and comedy. He also appeared in Achievement Hunter in 2008. His company, Rooster Teeth creates live-actions, shorts, and video games.

Education: Geoff received his elementary education and did his high schooling from Alabama. After his graduation, he completed his basic Army training in South Carolina. He served the Army doing a full-time journalist job.

His voice lending as Dexter Grif in his own production’s web series Red vs Blue became his most appreciated work. His other great performances include –

• The Strangerhood – As a voice artist and producer
• Achievement hunter – As a co-maker and producer
• Happy Hour
• Let’s Play Live
• Let’s Play – UNO: The Movie
• The Patch – As a host

Geoff and Jack, the dynamic business duo have created and hosted lots of creative contents so far. Most of their astounding works are available online. Other than his film and web series appearances and voiceovers, Geoff is famous for the Achievement HORSE game.

Geoff Ramsey Net Worth

Geoff has a total net worth of $3.5 million. Geoff is more involved with the online games, live fictions, web series, podcast and shorts than the television appearances. He is the co-owner of two successful ventures – Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunters and he earns well from the contents created in these ventures. He has lent his voice to many popular characters that filled his pockets well.

Geoff Ramsey doesn’t flaunt his assets or talk about his properties on television. He has given very fewer interviews and there is a lot to know about this multi-talented guy yet.

Geoff is doing well along with his co-owners of his primary venture Rooster Teeth and its subsidiary Achievement Hunters. He has raised his career stakes with his amazing talent and become rich from an ordinary military person inspiring millions of people.

Geoff Ramsey is very active on social media and his outstanding content creation along with his partners takes his popularity level up every time he shares a content online.